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2003 Speeches

Launch of “Visioning the Future of Education in Christchurch”
Wednesday 3rd December 2003
"Good morning. Thank you to the Ministry of Education for the invite to come along this morning and provide you with a "challenging" welcome to this forum. Happily, I find it fairly easy to be challenging.

Reopening of New, Improved Supershed
Saturday 29 November 2003
Good morning. It's great to be here to help pronounce the Supershed is open and back in good shape. I know I will not be nearly as pleased as the staff here who have had months of hauling stuff around to keep the place going.

Employment Expo
Friday 21 November 2003
Good afternoon...welcome to this employment expo which I must also note is providing temporary employment to an alarming number of speakers today. With about 8 speakers still to go, I'm going to boost my own personal poll ratings by being very brief.

Film Friendly Accreditation
Monday 17 November 2003
Anyone who has ever had anything at all to do with film knows that there is always one in the cast who can't, or won't stick to the script. Today I'll make that role mine.

Labour Party Conference Welcome
Friday 7 November 2003
Good evening. I'd like to kick off by saying how great it is to be doing this greeting at a time when central and local government are holding hands. It has not always been that way

Project Management Institute of NZ Conference Opening
Wednesday 5 November 2003
When I looked at your theme of Leadership of the Rings, I of course started to think a bit of the old Lord of the Rings books and themes. I thought Orcs, gollums, warring tribes of all sounds a bit like local government on a bad day.

World Wheelchair Games Closing
Saturday 1 November 2003
I'd just like to say how pleased we have been to be the venue where the first marriage if you will of wheelchair and amputee sports has proved to be such a good, exciting union. I'm told that the general consensus is that it has added to both in a positive and inclusive way.

United Future NZ National Conference
Saturday 1 November 2003
Christchurch is a city that sometimes seems to have as many identities as the National Party has leaders. The Business Roundtable named us the "The People's Republic". Much to their annoyance we adopted it with pride.

Showtime Canterbury Official Opening
Friday 31 October 2003
Good evening everyone and welcome to NORWESTA. NORWESTA by name and by nature. This is the opening event of a fortnight that shows Christchurch and Canterbury at our very, very best. This opening is, appropriately, in the norwest corner of Cathedral Square

Re-opening of Bell, Lamb & Trotter
Thursday 30 October 2003
It's not often that I get to open a new or renovated business and publicly express my deepest desire that many, many years pass until I have to use the services of the firm I'm doing the official ceremonies for. Today is such a day

Young Enterprise Scheme Awards
Thursday 30 October 2003
Good afternoon...I think I'd kick off today by letting you in on some key facts about the real New Zealand that you live in. First up, we are no backwater at all when it comes to innovation. Our "can do" attitude is admired throughout the world.

Welcome ceremony – Our City
Sunday 26 October 2003
Greetings to you all and a very warm welcome to our special guests from Kurashiki. We are especially delighted to have you here, Mayor and Mayoress Nakada, particularly after the recent pleasure of meeting for the 30th birthday celebrations of our Sister City relationship in Kurashiki just 3 months ago.

Anniversary Ceremony – Christchurch Art Gallery
Sunday 26 October 2003
Mayor and Mayoress Nakada, distinguished guests from Kurashiki, official guests of the city of Christchurch and colleagues, greetings to you all.

Luncheon – Rydges Hotel
Sunday 26 October 2003
Welcome to this luncheon. I hope you do not mind me constantly talking and enthusing about our beautiful natural setting here in Christchurch. It is rather difficult to stop talking about it.

Asian Retailers Conference
October 2003
Welcome to our city of Christchurch and a rather special local economy here in Canterbury - you have chosen your conference venue well. I note the theme of this conference is to "refresh''. In that context it is worth pointing out that one of our more recent slogans for Canterbury is "Fresh Each Day.''

Opening Antarctic Summer Season
October 2003
Ambassador Swindells, Dr Wharton, honoured guests and visitors to Christchurch. Like many cities in today's marketing-driven world we do have a slight case of what could be taken as multiple personality disorder on the branding front. We are both the City that Shines and also promoted offshore as Fresh Each Day.

Education Summit
Monday 13 October 2003
Good's great to see such a good turnout, and especially encouraging to see at least some Australians not glued to rugby to the point where they can't pay us a visit. Given that Adelaide is one of our sister cities both in practical and emotional terms it is good to see that the main international keynote is coming from the experience of Education Adelaide

South Island Masters Games
Saturday 11 October 2003
I say the future because this week, while opening the Age Advantage Forum, it was pointed out that Christchurch is going to have one of the oldest populations of any city in New Zealand soon.

Age Advantage Forum
Thursday 9 October 2003
Good morning......I'm Garry Moore, the Mayor of what I'm told in the media this week is Christchurch.....the city with one of the oldest, palest but happiest populations of any New Zealand city

Club Mark Launch
Wednesday 8 October 2003
Good afternoon. In the last month I have had two trips to politician's hell while taking part in multispeaker events. Politician hell is where you have to sit politely and listen as every single line in your own speech gets delivered by some other speaker.

150th Anniversary of Provincial Govt
26 September 2003
Tonight's one of those reminders that as things change they can also remain the same. Here we originally had the seat of local government when we had a federal model that gave the regions greater control over how they lived and regulated their lives.

Opening of the Arawa Canoe Club’s new clubrooms at Kerrs Reach
Sunday 7 September 2003
I'm told that these new rooms make people from the former home of the America's Cup jealous. Not, of course that I would want to mock those poor sods from that Babylon north of the Bombay Hills. But when you think how much we are paying for Auckland's roads it is good to know they are seeing more evidence that we know how to do things right, here in the South.

Launch of Chch “Dress for Success” Affiliate
Thursday 21 August 2003
You know, one of my biggest regrets in life is that it took me so long to get a suit. From the day I did, I found out that life just looks so much better when you are well dressed.

Skills & Employment Forum Launch
Thursday 21 August 2003
Welcome to Christchurch and Canterbury where we keep blazing new trails for productive partnerships. Few things are more important to our well being than the jobs that come from good economic health.

Hiroshima Speech
Monday 4 August 2003
It is my highest, most heartfelt hope......... that here, at Hiroshima, where the world got it so terribly wrong, we may begin to start to correct that wrong. Here, where we made a terrible leap toward the potential for our complete destruction, is a pivotal point in the history of humanity.

Mayor Itoh of Nagasaki
Friday 8 August 2003
There are two places where humanity got it very wrong, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, these are also an ideal sites for us to start to get it right this time.

Mayor Nakada, officials and dignitaries
Monday 4 August 2003
Mayor Nakada, officials and dignitaries. Greetings and thank you for the wonderful welcome to your city we have had so far.

Luncheon speech
Monday 4 August 2003
Mayor Nakada, dignitaries, officials and the people of Kurashiki.

Banquet speech
August 2003
As today has become tonight I am mindful of what I hope for from guests and visitors to my city or my house. I hope for good humour, generosity of spirit and some degree of manners from my guests

Kurashiki, 30th Ceremony
August 2003
Only Adelaide, Australia, comes before you as a foundation Sister City with Christchurch.

Opening of Hagley Student Centre
Thursday 31 July 2003
Prime Minister, Hagley staff, distinguished guests, students and family and whanau members. Greetings on behalf of the city of Christchurch. I am always pleased to do things for Hagley.

Human Rights Seminar
Thursday 31 July 2003
Local government now is at the point where it will have to grasp the reality of the Treaty of Waitangi or run the risk of having many of its decisions open to challenge and debate.

A Plastic Peace Launch
Sunday 6 July 2003
A garden of goodness. Showing us all how beauty can come from the stuff we all too easily throw away.

Royal Astronomical Society Conference Welcome
Friday 4 July 2003
Welcome Royal Astronomical Society members to Christchurch for conferenc. No guarantee at all of good observing conditions for this weekend. It would have been a great one for the meteorological society if the weather people are to be believed

Reception for World Vision 40 Hour Famine Leaders
Wednesday 2 July 2003
Great to be here to salute officially those who have led this year, and quite possibly those who will lead us all in the future. I want to make a point of saying that you who have given your time to lead and work for the common good are part of the reality I see that keeps me going.

Opening of New Apostolic Training Centre
Sunday 29 June 2003
It’s a pleasure to be here to help open up something that combines two of my pet passions, positive immigration and education. There is no secret that in my view we need both if we are to prosper in the present and the future.

Electrical Engineers Trade Exhibition Welcome Speech
Thursday 19th June 2003
Good evening, welcome to exhibitors and guests. I can't help observing before my more formal greeting that one of the things I love about restoring old cars is that the electrics are so simple.

Air Crash Memorial Service
Tuesday 17th June 2003
I greet you all today, not just as Mayor of Christchurch, but representing the other Mayors and people of Canterbury, and all the Mayors from areas around New Zealand served by Crop & Food Research.

Opening of 20th Anniversary of Step Ahead Trust
Friday 13 June 2003
I’m really pleased to be here and still find it hard to accept that the formal bit of any event includes me. I'll try to be as informally formal as usual today. Congratulations on hitting 20 years as a goer. As many of us with community backgrounds are aware, the good ideas endure but many, many good ideas at the time do not rack up the same longevity.

Opening of St Albans Retirement Village
Tuesday 10 June 2003
Pleased to be here. Homes such as this are becoming more interesting to me by the day. How to house our older people with dignity, safety and respect is a problem.

Combined Secondary Schools’ Principals’ Conference
Sunday 18 May 2003
Conference theme is The Learning Edge. Keynotes are on: Improving Education for Maori, New Issues Requiring New Understandings and The Leadership of Successful Change.

Launch of Water Rights Trust
Thursday 15 May 2003
Diana, Lady Isaac, trustees, ladies and gentlemen, it gives me much pleasure to be here to help at the launch of another watchdog group for our water issues. Here at the start of the Water Rights Trust is a good time to share with you that one of the most volatile issues in politics is water issues.

Opening of new Christchurch Art Gallery
Saturday 10 May 2003
It is very rare to feel the hand of history on your shoulders. This is one of those rare days. Truly historic for Christchurch today and in the future. Each generation gets to leave some mark for their tipuna. This is ours.

Launch of Savour New Zealand
Friday 2 May 2003
Pleased to be able to welcome so many people to the start of another opportunity to Savour New Zealand.

Launch of Fire-Fighter Games Book and Exhibition
Friday 2 May 2003
Have to start tonight by noting again who the public respect. When you look at the public esteem ratings for professions you find Fire-fighters right at the top. For some odd reason politicians do not poll so well.

Opening of Final Stage of Burwood/Woolston Expressway
Tuesday 29 April 2003
Welcome to today’s opening of the “missing link” in the ring road system.

Launch of Christchurch Arts Festival
Tuesday 29 April 2003
Good evening, isn’t it amazing how quickly two years can go by? It seems to be very little time since we had the fourth biennial Arts Festival and here we are again.

Merchant Navy Dedication
Wednesday 23 April 2003
Good afternoon, welcome to all of you here today to help honour another of our fast vanishing groups of the humbly heroic.

Re-enactment flight 50th Anniversary
Sunday 30 March 2003
Good morning, it’s great to be here with so much living aviation history in the room.

Opening of Addington Brass Band’s new rooms
Tuesday 25 March 2003
Greetings to another group of survivors of Mr Prebble and his never forgotten pledge to “save rail”

Intercultural Assembly
Monday 24 March 2003
Here today in Otautahi/Christchurch where we enjoy the luxury of peace we are making a major step today toward deepening this peace.

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