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2005 Speeches

Family Safety Community Consultation
Wednesday 7 December 2005
This year we set ourselves the ambitious goal of working towards making Christchurch New Zealand's safest city.

Second Canterbury Nelson Marlborough West Coast Battalion Group Charter Parade
Saturday 3 December 2005
Good afternoon, and welcome. Greetings first to: Colonel Craig Ruane, Deputy Commander of Headquarters 3rd Land Force Group.

Pandemic planning in Christchurch today
Wednesday 30 November 2005
Welcome to you all to Christchurch and these very special Olympics.

Special Olympians Welcome
Wednesday 30 November 2005
Welcome to you all to Christchurch and these very special Olympics.

Chch/Songpa-gu 10th Anniversary Dinner
Friday 18 November 2005
Ambassador Shin, Deputy Mayor of Songpa, Chang Soo Ghil, delegation members, guests from the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art, city officials, performance group members from JeonJu, citizens of Songpa , welcome to you all.

Alchemy of Daily Life Exhibition
Thursday 13 October 2005
Christchurch really came of age as a city a few years ago when we opened this Art Gallery. It took many years to achieve.

The New Cool Exhibition
Thursday 13 October 2005
As a public service entrepreneur the moment I see a rule I have to bend it. So I will. It's worth noting that many of the characteristics that make successful entrepreneurs have also been shown to be the same skills set that gets people into trouble in institutions like schools.

NZ Chartered Accountant's Conference
Friday 7 October 2005
Welcome to the People’s Republic of Christchurch, a city that has bucked the trend and kept its family silver firmly on the mantle piece.

Technology New Zealand Biennial Conference
Wednesday 5 October 2005
Welcome to Christchurch, where we have identified education as one of the key drivers for our present and future prosperity. Technology, in the broadest sense, is a crucial part of that process. Christchurch is already the hub for high tech development in New Zealand.

Steelbro Container Handling Solutions Conference
Tuesday 4 October 2005
Welcome to Christchurch, and a very special welcome to visitors from overseas, especially those who are in New Zealand for the first time. As a city we are proud of our history and Steelbro has been an integral part of that history since 1878. Steelbro has invested in its business and prospered and provided many jobs for our citizens. I applaud your commitment to the city.

Antarctic Season Official Opening
Saturday 1 October 2005
All of you in the broader Antarctic community will be aware of the special ties and history between Christchurch and the Antarctic. It is a treasured connection that grows in value as the years go by.

Laying wreath on the Robert Falcon Scott Memorial
Saturday 1 October 2005
Greetings to Antarctic society members, elected members and the public.

Hi Tech Awards Launch
Friday 30 September 2005
Welcome to Christchurch, the high tech hub of New Zealand. This is not a sideshow for us, this is a window into our present and future.

Library and Information Association of New Zealand Conference
Sunday 11 September 2005
Today, libraries are being redefined as places where you can get unrestricted access to information.

Technical Communicators Association of NZ Conference
Thursday 8 September 2005
Welcome to Christchurch. The high tech hub of new technology development and manufacturing in New Zealand. At last count well over half the high tech action in New Zealand was based here.

National Launch of Adult Learners’ Week
Monday 5 September 2005
Most people coming into workforce now can expect six to eight major changes in career in their working life. Lifelong learning is now the norm. Maybe the whole term adult learning needs to be mainstreamed to reflect economic reality.

Kiwanis "Come Alive" 2005 Conference
Friday 2 September 2005
Christchurch is, like many cities, in the process of becoming a much more multi-racial and multi-cultural city. Yesterday we held a citizenship ceremony where I welcomed some 380 of the new and varied faces and races who are becoming Kiwis.

Education NZ Conference
Friday 25 August 2005
Education is the fourth largest export earner we have, generating foreign exchange earnings of over $2 Billion per year. Of that, 20 percent of this business comes from Canterbury.

Export NZ A.G.M.
Friday 25 August 2005
Christchurch is the trading city for New Zealand. The Canterbury economy is the one the economists all watch because we are the first to show any signs of impacts from the global economy.

AB Equipment Ltd – opening of new Building
Friday 19 August 2005
Welcome to Christchurch where you must have already enjoyed a hefty slice of the profits from this boom that has gone on longer than any for a long time.

VJ Day Speech
Sunday 14th August 2005
I greet you all. Ex-servicemen and women. Your children, grandchildren and extended families.

6th World Conference of Mayors for Peace, Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings
Friday 5th August 2005
Here in Hiroshima, and in Nagasaki, it is impossible to not feel that it is here where humanity took a deadly wrong turn on the road of destiny.

NZ Amateur & Professional Ballroom & Latin American Dance Championships
Saturday 30 July 2005
Welcome everyone to the NZ Amateur and Professional Ballroom and Latin American Dance Championships. A special welcome to those who have travelled from overseas.

Crime Prevention Training Workshop Opening
Tuesday 12 July 2005
I see my task is to welcome you to a workshop on crime prevention. Crime prevention is one of those subjects that is a bit like the question of how long is a piece of string. That is, how far do you go?

Public Health Association Conference
Wednesday 6 July 2005
I have a challenge for you today. The challenge is to try and take a total look at health. To take a look at health that goes well beyond what normally passes for the outer borders of public health debate.

Holstein Friesian Association National Conference
Monday 27 June 2005
Double welcome to Christchurch. I don't give out many double welcomes, but to any group managing to have their conference just around the same time as the All Black/Lions game a double greeting is in order. Once for politeness. And once as a salute to your cunning organisers.

NZ Institute of Quantity Surveyors’ National Conference
Thursday 23 June 2005
Greetings. Welcome to Christchurch, the eternal Crusaders' city and just by pure chance I'm sure, also the site for the first test against the Lions this weekend. This coincidence has led me to conclude that I am probably dealing with a very wily conference crowd indeed.

Kids’ Art Event Awards
Wednesday 22 June 2005
The theme this year is "My World" – the children were asked to look at their identity, their world, and how they feel they fit in that world.

Financial Planners & Insurance Advisers Assn Of NZ Conference
Tuesday15th June 2005
Welcome to Christchurch and what is effectively a two Mayor greeting. Your Master of Ceremonies is Mayor of Banks Peninsula, I'm the Mayor of Christchurch and both of us understand facing change.

2005 New Zealand Turf Conference & Trade Show
Tuesday, 30 May 2005
Welcome to Christchurch and to the home of thoroughbred racing in Canterbury, the Riccarton Park Racecourse.

Christchurch the Music – Double CD Release
Tuesday 24 May 2005
Today we are celebrating the best in home-grown Christchurch music. Well done to all those who have been involved in the production of this double CD set. It’s a wonderful achievement and will bring a sense of pleasure and pride to all southern music lovers.

Opening of the Van der Veer Institute
Tuesday 24 May 2005
I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to open the Van der Veer Institute. The goals of the Institute are superb. It will act as a catalyst, as a drawcard for researchers and funding and as a training ground for clinicians. This is a great model for other groups.

“Applaud” Christchurch Arts Festival 2005
Tuesday 26 April 2005
On behalf of the Christchurch City Council and the people of Christchurch, I am delighted to be here tonight to support the launch of the 6th biennal, Christchurch Arts festival.

Stu McCann and Associates Office Official Opening
Tuesday 19 April 2005
It’s great to see some solid evidence of people finding new innovative uses for the Brighton Mall. It's one of the great debate sites of our city where the calls for the Council to be lavish with the ratepayers’ money are both frequent, and loud.

Champion Canterbury Awards
Wednesday 13 April 2005
Just to remind us all of why we are here. The Champion Canterbury Awards are a celebration of the excellence and skill of businesses in the Canterbury region.

Enviro-Schools Awards
Wednesday 13 April 2005
It’s great to see the Enviro-Schools idea alive and growing in Christchurch and Canterbury.

79th Annual New Zealand Indian Association Conference
Saturday 9 April 2005
This will be one of the last conferences where you can expect to enjoy yourselves on your own. Even next time I think I can predict you will find you have got a whole new set of people applying to be your friends. They will come from the world of politics and business. They will be amongst the first to have realised that this is the start of the Asian Century.

Aviation Industry “Symposium 2005
Friday 8 April 2005
Welcome to Christchurch, New Zealand's largest trading city and active world citizen. Our economy depends on trade with the world This activity hinges on efficient global transport systems, central to which is aviation. We are a trading city that is also hugely involved with manufacturing, tourism and aviation support industries.

Friday 8 April 2005
Sometimes the question of what's lurking in Hagley Park and the Botanic Gardens is a question we may not want the answer to!

Opening of Council Chambers
Wednesday 30 March 2005
It is no accident that this new Council chamber is closer to the main door and easy to see into. This is where the public, the political and the managers all meet. Just who gets to play lion and who gets to play lamb varies from meeting to meeting. Such is democracy. Democracy is wonderful jewel that transcends price.

Monday 21 March 2005
Good afternoon. There are few times in the normal round of Mayoral duties where you feel the hand of history on your shoulders. Events like this today are one of those rare times.

Manpower Recruitment Services Opening
Thursday 17 March 2005
As the founder of the Mayor's Taskforce for Jobs, I've had the happy experience of seeing our goal of a return to full employment come very close to a reality.

Eagles Golfing Society National Convention
Monday 7 March 2005
Before I got into politics I was an accountant. One day I guess I might find something with a higher approval rating for an occupation. However, what a background in bean counting does give me is a beady eye for the bottom line. With this beady eye, I note you have not had a convention here since 1990.

United Sports Clubs Centennial Dinner
Saturday 5 March 2005
There's nothing quite like a flutter of hundredth birthday do's to remind you that Christchurch is no longer an infant city.

Allprint Launch of New Heidelberg Printing Machine
Friday 1 March 2005
My speechwriter, who was a reporter for years, says that there are three main types of people life has taught him to stay onside with at all times.

Hornby Community Centre 25th Anniversary
Tuesday 22 February 2005
Worth stopping to think about how radically different our whole idea of community was 25 years ago. It was an understanding that even then we did not think needed debate.

Christchurch Sister City 30th Anniversary Welcome Dinner
Tuesday 15 February 2005
Welcome to Christchurch South. Greetings to those of our twinned city who have come all this way. 30 years has been long enough to see some huge changes in the nature of our relationship. We've almost forgiven you now for giving us the flick as a nation and joining the EU. It did force us to start growing up as a nation and like a sulky teenager go out into the world and get a real job.

Welcome to Students from University of Canterbury
Monday 14 February 2005
I'm a bit nervous about adding another welcome to the mix. When I looked at the programme for today I realised I may well be the sixth welcome you have had inflicted on you this morning. I know students have changed a bit since I was one, but I doubt that you have all got so serious that counting welcomes is your idea of a good time. So, in the spirit of teaching some basic Kiwi turns of phrase to you today I'll say..."G'day" to Christchurch.

Launchpad Graduation
Thursday 3 February 2005
Welcome to the 2005 Graduation of Launchpad, the employment and training programme of the Employment Scholarship Trust. I am Garry Moore, Mayor of Christchurch City and your MC for this fantastic celebration.

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