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2002 Speeches

Opening of Maximillians Dance Studio & Cafe
20 December 2002
I'm delighted to be here in a heritage building that is still standing, and has been put to a good new use. A sensation that, possibly, some of us can relate to!

Crown Prince and Princess of Japan, greeting
14 December 2002
Your Imperial Highnesses, Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, Ambassador Matsumoto and Mrs Matsumoto, members of the Imperial Palace of Japan, Minister of the Crown and other distinguished guests - on behalf of the people of Christchurch, welcome to our city.

Charter Parade - Nelson Marlborough West Coast Regiment
7 December 2002
It's been 2 years since the last Charter Parade and in that time I had forgotten how you can rely on the military to make you feel a bit shabby on the shiny shoe front. The standard of dress is again superb, and humbling.

Youth Volunteer Awards
5 December 2002
Volunteering is the other side of the youth picture, the side we sadly do not get to hear much about.

Visit By Coptic Orthodox Pope
28 November 2002
Official greetings to Pope Shenonda from the city of Christchurch. This city is just about the most far flung branch of the Coptic Church there is. The only Coptic Church closer to the Antarctic is, I believe, in Dunedin.

Official Launch of CAIP's Promotional Exhibition "It Happens at Home"
20 November 2002
I note that there are six speakers at this event. It makes me conclude the fast track to saintliness will lie in keeping it brief and simple.

Forum on Child and Youth Mortality
14 November 2002
I note in the notes I'm meant to also tell you at some stage what the proposed outcome is meant to be. It is my devout hope that at the end of this process we will have more idea of what kills our kids and how to stop it.

Armistice Day and Boer War
11 November 2002
100 years on from the end of the Boer War it would be great to be able to look back on that as one of the few times our people have gone off to war, or help keep the peace.

Launch of Localeye
31 October 2002
We are a netted up city. We have over half New Zealand's total electronics and computer companies here in Christchurch.

Opening of World Fire-fighters’ Games
26 October 2002
Many of you will have been with us earlier today when we jointly remembered just how solemnly awful and heroic fire-fighting can be with the opening of our Fire-fighter's reserve which includes a remnant of the New York terror attacks of last year.

Fire-fighters’ Reserve Opening
26 October 2002
Every attempt to speak to this event manages to leave me feeling that our normally rich language lacks the words to fully express our feelings about it.

Young Enterprise Awards Scheme
23 October 2002
Earlier this year, set up the Live Tall project for Canterbury. It's an idea many older people do not get, all young people seem to instantly get, and that has got over 130 groups signed up to it now.

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