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City Scene columns

The Mayor writes a column for the Christchurch City Scene, a monthly newsletter distributed to all city households.

Time to be tidy kiwis again
December 2003
Do you remember the Tidy Kiwi? It was one of those advertising ideas that, like a certain toothpaste ad of years gone by, "really did get in".

A lesson for education sector
November 2003
Education has become a very important part of the Canterbury economy.
It is likely to be more so in future. Already, selling education to overseas students has become a major industry in New Zealand. Canterbury and Christchurch have got a large slice of the total national market, with about 20 per cent, or a fifth, of all international students coming here to learn. Last year, international students contributed $202 million in fees and accommodation alone.

Spring stroll in Gardens a must
October 2003
I hope many of you managed to take in the incredible beauty of the Botanic Gardens in Spring again this year. Even for a non-gardener such as myself the sight of thousands of daffodils and other spring bulbs on show each spring near the Hospital corner of the gardens gets more glorious each year.

Peace and understanding
September 2003
Last month I led a small delegation from the Council to Japan and South Korea. The trip included visits to two of our Sister Cities — Kurashiki and Songpa — and to the atomic bombing remembrance ceremonies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We also talked to New Zealand tourism and trade representatives in Seoul and Tokyo.

Deputy Mayor will be missed
August 2003
Hands up who knew that Christchurch's Deputy Mayor Lesley Keast has been licensed to drive a forklift since 1965?
Don't feel too ill informed if you couldn't put up your hand. It is just one of the many surprises that you can find with Lesley Keast.

Improving our economy
July 2003
One of the greatest strengths we have economically is also socially based. Our ability as a community to work together across the boundaries to achieve common-good goals makes us the envy of the rest of New Zealand. As a major economic force in the local economy and the custodian of the tradition of helping move us ahead, your Council also has a role to play in moving this cohesion ahead for our common economic and social good.

Some quality control for Chch compassion
June 2003
One of the greatest things about Christchurch is the way that we look after our own.
We are a compassionate city that takes pride in trying to give everyone their best shot at enjoying life and reaching their full potential.

New Gallery proof our city is 'all growed up'
May 2003
I am already convinced that in future this will turn out to be the event that proves we are “all growed up” as a city. It is the sort of event that in civic affairs happens maybe once in a lifetime and it is also a milestone that fits neatly into our new triple bottom line way of managing Christchurch.

Lots of wins when we work together
February 2003
We do so much so well in Christchurch I think that maybe we also tend to take it a little too much for granted. For this first column of the year I thought it might be fun to look at some of our collective “wins” as a city and also why I think they work so well.

Seeing Christchurch through fresh eyes
December 2002
New citizens bring new sets of eyes for seeing Christchurch positively. If you could choose to live anywhere at all in the world would your choice be Christchurch?

Reflections On Peace
November 2002
During the World Firefighters Games I asked how come no small children say they want to be a politician when they grow up but virtually all want to be firefighters. It was a way of pointing out just how highly firefighters rate in public esteem and children's ambitions.

Doing the right thing with wastewater
October 2002
In a debate where black and white are all too often the colours of choice it is very apt that we call much of our wastewater "grey" water.

Sustainability: Just good housekeeping
September 2002
Christchurch’s Sister City of Seattle is named after an Indian Chief. In the 1880s Chief Seattle made a profound speech in response to the government’s wish to buy his land. He said, “What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

Picture tells complete story
September 2002
Just about anything with an environmental flavour has the potential to become a political football and frequently does. We need to find a way where all the relevant information can be shown in a neutral way, where we can all get a good idea of how well, or not, we are doing in certain areas.

Getting to the real bottom line
September 2002
Traditionally, the only bottom line business and accountancy has had to worry about has been the monetary bottom line. As the Christchurch City Council has quietly moved toward a more sustainable approach and example it became apparent this old system was not enough.

Saving money, and the planet
August 2002
Last month I was among a lucky group of community and business leaders who heard in Christchurch how we can help save the earth and also save money.

A homely reminder on wastewater disposal
July 2002
One of my friends recently found that when tree roots cut off the sewer and wastewater pipes it takes very little time for life to become unpleasant indeed...

Mayoral Forum format the way forward
June 2002
One of the key reasons we have the private sector dipping into their pockets to fund inner-city revival is because they have been able to actively help shape the decisions and visions for the inner city...

The Price of Growth and quality
May 2002
At the Salt Lake City Winter Paralympics, the tiny New Zealand team of Battersby and Bayley won four gold and two bronze medals. Mr Moore presented the pair with Live Tall awards. This year’s Christchurch City Council rates debate should provide us all with a strong reminder that it is vital to try and define what we want for our city, now and in the future...

Live Tall: It's about people and reaching our potential
March 2002
I had great fun recently kicking off the new Live Tall campaign both formally and also the same day with a walking trip through town taking the idea direct to the people...

Making change work for us
February 2002
One of the main reasons Christchurch is widely respected is that as a city we are very good at making change work for us. While I don't think we deserve our reputation as a conservative city it is probably fair to say that we are a watchful city – we like to weigh up new things before we either accept or reject them...

Time for Christchurch to stand tall...
November 2001
It’s time for Christchurch to stand tall, as a city, and as a city of people that know how to achieve. Some of us have always had an educated hunch that Christchurch is an incredibly successful city when it comes to getting things done...

Christchurch rated world's best-run city
October 2001
We are the best-run city in the world and that's not just my opinion. It's the very recent verdict from the American-based Governing magazine...

A work challenge gets results
August 2001
A while ago I challenged both the local community and central Government to get behind my Mayors Taskforce for Jobs’ Canterbury youth target that had a goal of having full participation in work, training or education for young people.

Public must get involved in debate
July 2001
I thought that this month I’d discuss the vexed is sue of the wastewater outfall that has had many debates over the past few months...

Thanks are due to the public
June 2001
I thought I would like to publicly say "thank you" to the hundreds of Christchurch people who have helped us develop our plans for the final stages of the re-development of Cathedral Square...

Natural assets: our common wealth
May 2001
It’s time to take a look at natural prosperity in Christchurch. I’m constantly amazed at how impressed tourists are with what Christchurch has to offer...

Facts and beliefs to be borne in mind
April 2001
During discussion over the City Council’s adoption of the Draft annual plan and programme for 2002 I said there were two issues to be considered...

Superb Effort by Port Hills 2000 Group
March 2001
Our Port Hills are going to be in much better shape as result of the superb efforts of the Port Hills 2000 group and their many supporters...

Foundations of our City are strong
January/February 2001
I found I ended the year having made two important discoveries about the pioneers of 1850 who effectively started major European settlement in Canterbury...

'People's Palace' hub of public transport
November 2000
Our new Central City Bus Exchange puts public transport centre stage in our city. At the end of October I took part in the official opening. It's magnificent and well worth a look even if you are not planning to catch a bus! At the opening I said that the finished product amounted to a cultural revolution - Christchurch style...

Wisdom from Irish Wizard
October 2000
Do the Irish know something that we don't about New Zealand? Did anyone else find themselves wondering why former Heinz head Tony O'Reilly is busy sinking money and time into New Zealand at a time when some sectors would have us believe things have never been so bad?...

Positive gains from efficiency
September 2000
We have just found out how to make our water and wastewater services more efficient and cost effective for Christchurch. As a result of this review we have freed up $3 million that can be put to better use for the benefit of the entire city...

Birthday time
August 2000
The pace of public events aimed at celebrating Canterbury's 150th birthday will start to pick up momentum in the next couple of months. It's a celebration that I'm hoping as many people as possible will take part in as a way of collectively looking at our past as we prepare to meet the challenges of this new century...

Surgery for heart of city
July 2000
Some recent reaction to moves to revive the inner city has got me wondering if my preference to move swiftly from problems to positive solutions is always the best road to follow. In the last year or so it has been widely known that I, and other members and staff of Christchurch City Council, have been looking hard at overseas examples of inner city revival...

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