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The Mayor's Office 1998-2007
  The Mayor's Office: Garry Moore 1998-2007

2007 Speeches

French Fest Flag Raising
21 September
Your Excellency, Monsieur Le Gras, Madame Le Gras, dignitaries, special guests and the people of Akaroa, who make this part of Christchurch so vibrant and unique. Welcome.

Justices Of The Peace Assn
Sunday 15 September
Good afternoon. It's great to welcome you to Christchurch. Justices of the Peace play a valuable and vital role in communities throughout New Zealand. The office of justice of the peace is an institution built on volunteering.

Road Transport Assn Conference
Saturday 14 September
Good morning. I am delighted to welcome members of the road transport association to Christchurch. I hope those of you who are from out of town will be able to take some time to enjoy the city. Christchurch always looks its best in spring.

Assn of Teen Parent Educators of NZ (APTENZ)
Thursday 30 August
I've seen first hand what a great programme they have developed to make sure that teen parents and their children get a good start.

Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources CCAMLR
Monday 23 July 2007
Good evening. It's my pleasure to welcome you to Christchurch. I am delighted that CCAMLR (kammelar) have taken this opportunity to meet in Christchurch.

Komatsu Earthmoving Premises Opening
Monday 23 July 2007
Good Afternoon. I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak to you today at the official opening of Komatsu NZ's new Christchurch branch. I understand you have been up and running for a few months.

Ryla - Leadership and Community
Sunday 8 July 2007
There is a real need to get young people, like yourselves, involved and interested in taking the lead in issues affecting you and your peers.

Antarctic Mid Winter Function
Tuesday 3 July 2007
I've been to Antarctica twice now. Both my visits have been eye opening and rewarding experiences. They have given me an insight and knowledge of the special conditions on the earth's third largest continent.

NZ Groundspread Fertilisers' Association Annual
Sunday 1 July 2007
Good Evening and welcome to Christchurch. I'm delighted Christchurch has been chosen for the New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers' Association Conference. I hope that you can take some time to look around and enjoy the city.

Charter Parade HMNZS Canterbury
Saturday 30 June 2007
On behalf of the Councils and Citizens of Central and North Canterbury it is my pleasure to welcome Commanding Officer Tony Millar and the ship's company of HMNZS CANTERBURY on the occasion of this the very first Charter Parade on the very first visit to the home port of Lyttelton, by the newly commissioned HMNZS CANTERBURY.

UNESCO Welcome
Thursday 28 June 2007
It's my pleasure to be here today to welcome you to Christchurch, New Zealand. We like to describe ourselves as a small but sophisticated boutique city nestled in the South Pacific.

HMNZS Canterbury Welcome
Thursday 28 June 2007
On behalf of the Mayors of mid and north Canterbury it gives me great pleasure to welcome the new Multi Role Vessel HMNZS Canterbury to its home port of Lyttelton, Canterbury. I urge all the people of Canterbury to embrace this vessel and make it as much part of the province as the Crusaders.

Burwood Landfill Gas Line
Friday 22 June 2007
It’s especially pleasing to be here today at the opening of the Burwood Landfill Gas Line. The gas line is another example of the Christchurch City Council’s strong commitment to energy efficiency.

Pier Lighting Event
Thursday 21 June 2007
The pier is one of the city’s show stoppers. It's a drawcard for people to visit Brighton. Like most good ideas the initiative to build the pier came from the community, and it's fitting that the inspiration to light the pier also came from a local person, Doctor John Cook. Many thanks to John, on behalf of the city, for coming up with this proposal to light the pillars of the pier to make it a feature at night.

Wuhan Cityscape Photography Exhibition – Our City
Tuesday 19 June 2007
I know from my visits to Wuhan what a fascinating city it is. The striking images being shown in this exhibition will help to reveal its many charms to the people of Christchurch.

Books in Prison Trust
Monday 18 June 2007
The Books in Prison Trust has taken on a critical mission to advance reading and literacy in our women's prisons, and to make a difference to inmates by enriching their lives and also the lives of their children and families through books and reading.

Evolution 2007 Open Conference
Saturday 16 June 2007
It's great to have over 800 scientists, from every corner of the globe in the city. As the old joke goes, your presence will raise the IQ level of the city a few notches over the next few days.

Community Boards Conference – Final Address
Saturday 9 June 2007
As community board members you are the leaders in your community. The mission given to you by the Local Government Act is to be elected to serve and advocate for the needs of your community.

Beca Heritage Week Launch
Wednesday 30 May 2007
Good Evening and welcome to the launch of Beca Heritage Week. Many thanks to the Pacific Performers for the flowers. I am delighted to be here in this wonderful venue, Our City, Christchurch’s only purpose built civic chambers, to officially launch Beca Heritage Week.

Models for Regional Governance for Pacific Island States
Friday 25 May 2007
It’s a privilege for our city to host so many eminent academics and practitioners in international affairs. A special welcome to the Pacific leaders who are here tonight and to everyone who has travelled great distances and also to Charles Chauvel, who is representing the Prime Minister this evening.

Indian Defence Delegation
Thursday 24 May 2007
New Zealand and India share a common colonial heritage and similar forms of government.

Christchurch is a multi cultural city with a thriving Indian community. We welcome Indian migrants for, among other things, their business flair, their sporting ability and of course their wonderful food.

Industry Training Awards
Friday 18 May 2007
As a mechanic’s son and an old tech boy, it gives me great pleasure to help host tonight’s event which is about real jobs in the real economy. I always feel that I had completed my apprenticeship as a mechanic by the time I finished school. Working alongside my father, I learnt lots of skills which have stood me in good stead as I built my Chrysler special from scratch.

New Zealand Boarding Schools Assn Conference
Wednesday 16 May 2007
I hope that during the conference that you will take time to reflect on the speed with which our children are approaching life and to reflect on our sense of community and the absolute need to embrace our children and comfort them, and at certain stages in their lives to protect them from themselves.

Anzac Day
Wednesday 25 April 2007
As a people we spend time thinking about battles and we remember these in our speeches and our literature. Today I'd like to think about battles and how they impact on people's lives forever, and the role we can play as a small, vibrant country at the end of the world which remains committed to being international peacekeepers.

NZ Chinese Free Trade Talks
Tuesday 24 April 2007
I am delighted to welcome to Christchurch all those involved in what is the eleventh round of the NZ China Free Trade Agreement negotiations. A special welcome to those who have travelled from China.

Graduation Ceremony
Tuesday 24 April 2007
It is a pleasure for me to participate in this graduation ceremony which marks an extraordinary transition in your lives.

Hearing Association Biennial Conference
Saturday 31 March 2007
Good morning. Welcome to the Hearing Assn Biennial Conference 2007. A special welcome to all those who have travelled to Christchurch for this event.

Police Presentations of NZ Special Service Medal (Erebus) and Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, Certificates for Promotion
Friday 30 March 2007
Greetings.District Commander Sandra Manderson, distinguished guests, and those who are being honoured here this afternoon. It is a great pleasure for me to participate in this special ceremony which marks a significant event for each of you.

Mayoral Fathers' Breakfast
Wednesday 14 March 2007
Good morning. Welcome to all the fathers here today. It is a great pleasure to be in the presence of so many wonderful fathers to celebrate fatherhood.

Corporate Governance in the Public Sector 2007 Conference – Overcoming the governance challenges to local government
Tuesday 20 February 2007
Good Morning. It’s a pleasure to be here today to look at some of the very fundamental issues that face the elected members who serve on local bodies. The old Local Government Act was much more prescriptive than the new Local Government Act 2002.

Opening Ceremony of Toi Maori:The Eternal Thread
Thursday 15 February, 6.00 pm, Christchurch Art Gallery
Tena hoki kia tatau te huka ora. Kai te tuku atu te Reo pohiri i tenei wa. Nau mai, Haere mai, Tauti mai hoki koutou ma. (Greetings to all who are here in mind and spirit. I extend outwards the voice of welcome to one and all. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to you all who come in peace.)

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