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Christchurch City Council Plan - 1997 Edition

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PDF Whole Document
PDF Cover Page
PDF Mission Statement of the Christchurch City Council
PDF First Page page 1
PDF Elected Members & Senior Management page 4
PDF Executive Summary page 5
PDF Meeting the Changing Needs of a Rapidly Growing City page 6-8
PDF A Section by Section Guide page 9
PDF Long Term Financial Strategy and Overview page 10-13
PDF Statement of Financial Management Policies page 14
PDF Changes from Draft to Final Plan page 15-17
PDF Service Add Ons and Cost Increases page 18-19
PDF New Capital Projects page 20
PDF Statement of Rating Policy page 21-22
PDF Statement of Strategic Objectives page 23-29
PDF Art Gallery page 30
PDF Car Parking page 31
PDF City Streets page 32-33
PDF Convention and Entertainment Facilities page 34-35
PDF Economic Development and Employment page 36-37
PDF Environmental Policy and Planning page 38-39
PDF Environmental Services page 40-41
PDF Housing page 42
PDF Leisure and Community Services page 43-44
PDF Library Services page 45-46
PDF Parks page 47-48
PDF Public Accountability page 49
PDF Refuse page 50-51
PDF Service Delivery & Advice page 52
PDF Sewerage page 53-54
PDF Water Services page 55
PDF Internal Service Providers page 56-57
PDF Canterbury Development Corporation page 58
PDF Canterbury Museum Trust Board page 59
PDF Riccarton Bush Trust Board page 60
PDF Grants to Community Organisations page 61-62
PDF Christchurch City Holdings Ltd page 63
PDF Christchurch International Airport Ltd page 64
PDF Southpower Ltd page 65
PDF Lyttelton Port Co Ltd page 66
PDF Christchurch Transport Ltd page 67
PDF Selwyn Plantation Board Ltd page 68
PDF Canroad Construction Ltd page 69
PDF Windsor Central Ltd page 69
PDF Canterbury Technology Park Joint Venture page 70
PDF Travis Group page 70
PDF Five Year Capital Expenditure Programme page 71-91
PDF Schedule of Deletions from the Forward Programme page 92-93
PDF Community Board Funded Projects page 94-96
PDF Corporate Expenses & Revenues page 97
PDF Statement of Accounting Policies page 98-99
PDF Statement of Financial Performance & Statement of Financial Position page 100-101
PDF Statement of Cash Flows & Statement of Movements in Equity page 102-103
PDF Changes to Fees and Charges page 104-111
PDF Christchurch City Council Accountabilities page 112
PDF Membership of Standing Committees page 113
PDF Directors of Trading Enterprises & Representation on Other Organisations page 114
PDF Equal Employment Opportunities Policy and Management Plan page 115
PDF City of Christchurch page 116
PDF Christchurch Profile page 117
PDF Glossary of Terms page 118-119
PDF Index page 120
PDF Service Centre Locations

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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