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Development Contributions Policy 2007/09


Please note: As a result of comprehensive and rigorous review in conjunction with the Development Contributions Policy Working Party, which included development industry representatives, the Council replaced its Development Contributions Policy 2006/07 with the Development Contributions Policy 2007/09 as part of the 2007 Amendments to the Long-Term Council Community Plan 2006-16.


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Capital projects

Projects identified as 'capital projects' are required to provide for the needs of a growing city through capital expenditure that is projected over the next 10 years through the Long-Term Council Community Plan. The projects are listed by activity. Some projects identified are historic, but have capacity to provide for future growth.

Catchment maps

These maps show the main areas of demand (catchments) for development contributions. Catchments are determined based on their key characteristics, including geography and service delivery. There are two types of contribution catchment:

Individual capital works projects are allocated to either local or citywide areas of demand, depending on the nature of the project and the community it is required to serve.

The Locality to Catchment Index [PDF 13KB] provides a link from the Catchment Maps to the Network Infrastructure charges in Appendix 1 of the Development Contributions Policy

Methodology for Determining Development Contribution Charges

Development Contribution Policy Growth Model Documentation at March 2006

Methodology for Determining the Transitional Remissions Discounts

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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