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Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board Agenda

Wednesday 1 September 2004 at 2pm Linwood Service Centre

Community Board: Bob Todd (Chairperson), Rod Cameron, David Cox, Anna Crighton, John Freeman, Yani Johanson, Denis O'Rourke, Linda Rutland and Brendan Smith.
Community Advocate: Jude Pani, Telephone: 941 6601, email:
Community Secretary: Gina Clarke, Telephone: 941 6615, email:

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part C   1 Apologies
Part C   2 Confirmation of Report
Part B   3 Report on Young People in the Central City
Part C   4 Implementation Plan for Hagley/Ferrymead Leisure Parks and Waterways Study
Part B   5 Greenspace Unit Capital Programme 2003/04: End of Year Report
Part B   6 Greenspace Unit Capital Programme 2004/05
Part C   7 Andrew Johnson Proposed Memorial
Part C   8 Results of Review of Riverside Planting Sites
Part A   9 Change of Use of Property at 322 Armagh Street and Revocation of Reserve Status
Part A   10 170 Fitzgerald Avenue Options Report
Part C   11 Proposed New Road and Right of Way Names
Part C   12 Swanns Road Traffic Improvements
Part C   13 Pages Road Cycleway: Buckleys Road to Breezes Road
Part C   14 Contract Number 04/05-06: Footpath Resurfacing: Hagley/Ferrymead Wards
Part C   15 Ferry Road: P60 Parking Restriction
Part C   16 Ferry Road: Proposed “No Stopping” Outside Number 537
Part C   17 Moorhouse Avenue: Proposed P60 Parking Restriction
Part C   18 Montreal Street: P60 Parking Restrictions
Part C   19 Cambridge Terrace Construction Zone
Part B   20 Report of the Environment and Traffic Committee: 17 August 2004
Part B   21 Report of the Community, Policy and Finance Committee: 18 August 2004
Part C   22 Community Board Code of Conduct
Part C   23 Election Recess Process: Delegation Arrangements for Board
Part B   24 Community Advocate’s Update
Part B   25.1 Deputations by Appointment - Noel Alexander: Sculpture at the corner of Waltham Road and Moorhouse Avenue
Part B   25.2 Deputations by Appointment - John Hoskin and David Riley: Charleston Bus Depot
Part B   26 Supplementary - Community Facilities: Hagley and Ferrymead
Part B   27 Supplementary - Sumner Surf Life Saving Club Inc
Part A   28 Supplementary - Proposed Road Stopping: Moncks Spur
Part B   29 Supplementary - Deputation: Colin Campbell


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