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Elections 2004
  Elections 2004


Key Election Dates

By 31 January 2004Declaration of Electoral Officer/Deputy [Sec 14, LEA]
2 March - 30 April 2004Ratepayer Roll Enrolment Confirmation Forms sent [Reg 16, LER]
2 March - 6 July 2004Preparation of Ratepayer Roll [Reg 10, LER]
12 March 2004EEC Questionnaire sent to EOs
11 April 2004Final Representation Review decisions from LGC
16 April 2004EEC Questionnaire due
1-31 May 2004SOLGM national Ratepayer Roll Qualifications and Procedures campaign [Sec 39, LEA]
19 May 2004EEC test data sent to EOs
By 30 June 2004Optional Early Processing Resolution [Sec 79, LEA]
Optional Order of Candidate Names Resolution [Reg 31, LER]
5 July 2004EEC Enrolment Update Campaign commences
7 July 2004Preliminary Electoral Roll closes [Reg 10, LER]
9 July 2004Receive Residential Roll data from EEC
14-21 July 2004Compile Preliminary Electoral Roll [Sec 38, LEA]
21 July 2004Public Notice of Election, Calling for Nominations, Roll Open for Inspection [Sec 42, 52, 53, LEA]
23 July 2004Nominations Open/Roll Open for Inspection [Sec 42, LEA]
By 31 July 2004Appointment of Justice of Peace
20 August 2004Nominations Close (12 noon)/Roll Closes [Sec 5, 42, 55, LEA]
25 August 2004Public Notice of Candidate Names [Sec 65, LEA]
By 27 August 2004Receive final data from EEC
By 31 August 2004Ratepayer Roll insert with rates notice [Sec 39, LEA]
By 13 September 2004Electoral Officer Certifies Final Electoral Roll [Sec 51, LEA, Reg 22, LER]
17 September 2004EEC letter sent to Unpublished Roll electors
17-22 September 2004Delivery of Voting Documents [Sec 5, LEA]
17 September-9 October 2004Progressive Roll Scrutiny [Sec 83, LEA]
Special Voting Period
Early Processing
By 8 October 2004Appointment of Scrutineers 12 noon [Sec 68, LEA]
9 October 2004Election Day [Sec 10, LEA]
Voting Closes 12 noon - counting commences [Sec 84, LEA]
Preliminary Results (FPP) available as soon as practicable after close of voting [Sec 85, LEA]
9-13 October 2004Official Count [Sec 84, LEA]
13-16 October 2004Declaration of Result/Public Notice of Results [Sec 86, LEA]
By 7 December 2004Return of Election Expenses and Donations Form [Sec 109, LEA]

LEA = Local Electoral Act 2001
LER = Local Electoral Regulations 2001

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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