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Elections 2004
  Elections 2004


Candidates for Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board

Five members to be elected.

  • Oscar ALPERS (Christchurch 2021)
  • Lynda CARTER (Independent)
  • Phil CLEARWATER (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)
  • Paul de SPA (Independent)
  • David DRAYTON (Independent Citizens)
  • Michael HANSEN (Nifty)
  • Elizabeth MAUNSELL (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)
  • Chris MENE (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)
  • Megan WOODS (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)

Oscar ALPERS (Christchurch 2021)

Currently a City Councillor for Heathcote and a member of the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board, I am seeking re-election to the board only. I have been an active member of the board continuously since 1989 and was its chairman for 9 years. This is where I can be most effective. Iím a lawyer in private practice, aged 58 and married with three adult children. Iíve lived in this community for over 30 years, so I understand local issues and needs. My main goals are a healthy, cohesive and supportive community, quality of life for our people, and the protection of the Port Hills and Heathcote River environment. Iíve worked to improve citizen participation in Council decision-making and better matching of services to needs and wants of residents. I believe people come first and experience counts. Iím motivated by community need, not self-interest. (332 9749)

Lynda CARTER (Independent)

I have lived in the Sydenham area for 24 years and have been an elected member of the Spreydon/Heathcote Community Board for the last 6 years. I have seen the start and end of many projects in the area over this time. Some have been done very well and some will definitely be done better in the future. The best results have been achieved by simply asking people and listening to what is wanted in their area.

As an elected member it is my role to advocate for rate payers on how their money is spent in their area. People who do not own property also pay rates it is built into the weekly rental. I believe it is also my role to advocate to Central Government on issues that need to be addressed but can not be altered at a local level with rate payer dollars.

Phil CLEARWATER (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)

Iíve always been a strong advocate for the local community during my nine years on the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board, the last three years as Chair. I co-chair the Action Plan Committee of Strengthening Communities. I actively support pre-school education programmes, recreation groups for older people and support for those living alone. Iíll continue to work for community safety projects, such as Community Watch and Neighbourhood Support. I want to see further development of early intervention programmes for children and youth at risk. A Community Board Memberís role is to reflect community aspirations and Iíd like to be re-elected as an effective representative for local people. Iíve worked closely with residentsí associations to tackle vandalism and graffiti in the area. I am also actively involved in the Hoon Hay Network Committee which brings together schools and the community to find solutions for common problems.

Paul de SPA (Independent)

I have enjoyed serving on the Board for the last three years. I listen well and achieve fair resolutions through negotiation, and see that ratepayers' dollars are spent wisely. My focus has been safer streets. Balancing the needs of pedestrian, cycle, bus and car travel reduces traffic congestion so everyone benefits. My vision is a strong community in a healthy environment. In our precious green spaces, e.g. Heathcote River and Port Hills, natural landscapes and recreation values are more important than further housing development. This term I will further support local business and community initiatives, and work with police to reduce vandalism, stop unsafe driving, and improve young people's recreation facilities. I am a qualified teacher, currently working in environmental education. My wife and I live in Spreydon with our two sons. I work to represent you on the Board and am available to hear your concerns. ph:942-2939

David DRAYTON (Independent Citizens)

Huntsbury resident for 38 years; married with two adult daughters. Employed in a family retailing business for 20 years and now at Inland Revenue.

Involved with the Huntsbury Community Centre as President/Treasurer for the last 28 years. Currently Treasurer of the Port Hills Trust Board (8 years). Previous experience includes 5 years as a Heathcote Councillor, and two years as a Community Board member. I enjoy participating in and supporting sporting activities and outdoor recreation.

Being free of party politics; I will ensure local community groups continue to have opportunities for input into community boards, and that they receive their fair share of Council funding; also aim to ensure the Port Hills are retained and extended as a recreational reserve for the benefit of all Christchurch residents; and will promote the return of the annual '52 rubbish bags'.

I am willing to assist residents with any community problems.

Michael HANSEN (Nifty)

What with people in our area almost universally being refused a warrant of fitness when their vehicle is in quite good order, many people are now walking home with heavy groceries. While the Council is ardent on parking tickets, it is not so ardent on enforcing overhanging growth notices on people who ignore council notices to cut back growth overhanging street berms and street footpaths against the front fence of the house. I will chip away to get something done about this.

Elizabeth MAUNSELL (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)

Iíve been a member of the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board for the past six years and have chaired the Finance and Policy Committee since 2001. As a member of the Community Board Iíve always been a strong advocate for my local community to ensure that it receives its fair share of council resources. For the past 15 years Iíve been employed as Electorate Secretary for Jim Anderton MP. This work makes me acutely aware of the needs and concerns of the local people. I will continue to support community initiatives including Addington Net, Rowley Resource Centre and Waltham and Manuka Cottages. I work regularly with local residents associations. Iíve lived in Spreydon with my husband Brian for the past 35 years. Iíve been active in the Sacred Heart parish and the primary school, which our six children attended. I seek your support so I can continue to represent you.

Chris MENE (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)

Kia ora, Talofa lava and Greetings. I was born and raised in Christchurch and live in south Christchurch with my wife Leanne and our two daughters. For the past ten years Iíve served Christchurch as a police officer focusing on community safety and reducing crime. As a police education officer Iíve contributed to the safety of many children in our south Christchurch schools. Iíve served on organisations promoting community development, education and social and youth services. Iím keen to work with the Community Board to tackle the issues in our part of the city. I believe my experience can assist the Board to implement programmes that help give our children and youth a positive future. Such programmes need to be planned in cooperation with schools and groups already active in this work. I admire parents, teachers, volunteers and our beautiful city. It would be a privilege to serve.

Megan WOODS (Progressive for Christchurch 2021)

I am a first time candidate for community board. I currently work for a local technology company as Marketing Manager. Prior to this, I taught history at Canterbury and Victoria Universities after completing a PhD in twentieth-century New Zealand social history. I am an enthusiastic and energetic young woman who lives locally, and Iím eager to give something back to the community I grew up in. I believe local people need to have a large say in local issues. I consider the role of community boards to be a crucial part of local government as they give a voice to local peopleís concerns. If elected I would bring a fresh perspective to your Community Board. I will work hard to retain the public ownership and control of city services and assets, and to ensure that all citizens have fair and equal access to employment, social services and housing.

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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