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Elections 2004
  Elections 2004


Candidates for Fendalton-Waimairi Community Board

Five members to be elected.

  • Stuart J BATTY (Independent)
  • Faimeh BURKE (Christchurch 2021)
  • Val CARTER (Independent Citizens)
  • Cheryl COLLEY (Independent Citizens)
  • Michael COUCH (Christchurch 2021)
  • Jamie GOUGH (Our Christchurch - Our Pride)
  • George HAMPTON (Independent Citizens)
  • Ola KAMEL (Christchurch 2021)
  • Mike WALL (Independent Citizens)
  • Gina WILLIAMSON (Independent)
  • Andrew YOON (Independent Citizens)

Stuart J BATTY (Independent)

Stuart Batty's vast experience and empathy with all people at all levels across all age groups has no boundaries. He has served the community on hospital, sports club and youth hostels boards, has chaired school committees, peer support, and currently chairman of Weka Pass Railway. He has past association with Red Cross, Lifeline and the Methodist Central Mission. A former District Governor of Rotary International, he is active both in local and international communities. His work experience includes senior management in marketing and sales, administration, public relations, consultancy and mediation. A Justice of the Peace, funeral and marriage celebrant, he is a qualified public speaker. He is an advocate of common sense, believing it fundamental in competent decision making. Married with two children, Stuart's acceptance of all sectors and persuasions has no prejudice real or imaginary. The community will benefit from Stuart's common sense approach.

Faimeh BURKE (Christchurch 2021)

I have a B.A. degree in Economics and an M.A in Politics, with experience as a marketing manager, journalist and political researcher. I was the programme maker and presenter of the radio and TV programmes "The Voice of Migrants". Currently Iím a company director, translator, and member of the Steering Committee of the Inter-cultural Assembly of Christchurch. IĎll work for common sense, balanced and reasonable policies to enhance Fendalton-Waimairi while maintaining its unique character. Being a mother of three children, I understand the need for a safer city by day and night. Another priority is quality infrastructure - roads, cycleways and footpaths. Iíll also support enhancing our green areas, beautifying streets, more frequent street cleaning, education for a cleaner city, better traffic management, the undergrounding of power lines, channel renewal and strong action against vandalism and graffiti. I will seek the best value for your rates.

Val CARTER (Independent Citizens)

After three successful terms on the board, the last as Deputy Chairman, I have the experience required to be a strong advocate for our community.

I believe in retaining rates at the minimum levels required to maintain a good quality of life in our area. This includes the promotion of underground cabling, improvement of roading infrastructure, retention of trees, upgrading our parks and increasing safety around schools; some of the many features which make Fendalton/Waimairi a great place to live.

I am a registered nurse, a mother of four children and have lived in this area for 30 years. I have always played an active role in our community, including also currently serving on the Junior Fendalton Tennis Committee and the Theatre Royal Fundraising Committee. I strongly desire to continue serving you as a Community Board member.

Ph. 351-8366

Cheryl COLLEY (Independent Citizens)

An elected member of the Fendalton/Waimairi Community Board for six years. Itís been a privilege to represent the community and act on behalf of residents.

Iím passionate about the work community boards do Ė theyíre the foundation stone for liaison between the community and local government. My particular interests are public safety in the community, high standards for the basic services of roads, footpaths, parks and rubbish collection, sensible traffic management and enhancement of the environment.

Iím a Justice of the Peace and work as the Community Relations Manager with the Department of Conservation. Iím active in city organisations - Court Theatre, Aurora Trust, Rotary, J.R. Mackenzie Charitable Trust and Institute of Directors.

With an MA (Hons) and business management degrees, as well as a diploma in teaching, I bring excellent leadership and people skills to the community board table. Iím energetic and approachable by nature, with great vision and creativity.

Michael COUCH (Christchurch 2021)

I am a Canterbury University graduate with a BA (Hons) and B.Ed, a current executive member of the University of Canterbury Studentsí Association and a local resident. I want to stand for this Community Board because I believe that education is crucial to our future and that all Community Boards have a vital role in giving young people a good start. In particular, I support after-school activities and holiday programmes and the continued development of our libraries, where young people can develop study skills. Libraries are also important for life-long education opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. I am proud of our city and I want to see it continue its development, retain its assets and preserve its environment. New ideas are needed to meet new challenges, and, as a young person, I will bring the views of young people to the decision-making table.

Jamie GOUGH (Our Christchurch - Our Pride)

Mayoral candidate Jamie Gough also intends to stand for the Fendalton/Waimairi Community Board. James Tracy Gough (Jamie) of Christchurch's Gough family and Gough, Gough and Hamer, one of New Zealand's largest, most successful and well respected privately owned companies. Born and bred in Christchurch, 5th generation Cantabrian, educated at Medbury School and Christ's College. Currently completing his Private Pilot's Licence at the Canterbury Aero Club and presently working in advertising, column and feature writing for Christchurch's Avenues magazine.

No, Jamie is not a spoilt young citizen looking for a cause, he is a young man who cares passionately about people and the community we live in. He promises to work tirelessly with genuine concern and compassion for all people at all times. Please elect Jamie Gough, who will give his time for you whenever needed to help make our community as good as it can and should be. Thank you.

George HAMPTON (Independent Citizens)

As one of the youngest elected members in New Zealand I have been proud to represent the Fendalton/Waimairi Community Board over the last three years. At my age it may seem strange to seek re-election, however I am motivated, experienced and want to continue the good work begun during my first term. I am a 22-year-old student, in the final year of my law degree and also hold a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours. At Canterbury University I have been heavily involved with sports clubs and other societies. I also have wide experience of Community Board and Council systems, both as a current Board Member and formerly as a city Youth Councillor. I feel a strong bond with the Fendalton/Waimairi community and am highly motivated to make our city a better place for all its citizens to live in.

Contact or 0211440970 / 3554144.

Ola KAMEL (Christchurch 2021)

I came to Christchurch from Egypt almost 8 years ago after a career in banking and became heavily involved with community work. My contributions included work with local community associations, inter-faith dialogue and refugee family aid. I put time and effort into encouraging minority groups to become involved in their communities because I believe that participation is the key to community harmony and democracy. I feel that the increased involvement of ethnic minorities in public life is necessary to substantiate New Zealandís slogans about multi-culturalism and diversity. I also believe that good affordable housing is a basic need for all people. I support the initiatives the City Council has taken in providing low-cost housing and will work to ensure that that new rental housing is built for people with genuine needs. My commitment is to be available to local people and to represent their views.

Mike WALL (Independent Citizens)

Mike has always taken an active interest in his community and since being elected to the Fendalton Waimairi Community Board has worked hard for all residents.

He is currently Chairman of the Board and ensures that community consultation is paramount. A forward thinker he has the courage to make decisions. Mike firmly believes in better services, including street maintenance, 52 rubbish bags, and the enhancement of safer roads for all road users.

Mike supports initiatives that better the environment and retention of trees and our heritage. He aims to enhance the Garden City image.

Mike is a trustee for the North West Mentoring Trust, Past Chairman of the Life Education Canterbury Westland Trust, member of Orana Wildlife Trust, member of the North West Citizens Advice Bureau, and a member of two Maori Educational trusts.

Mike is married and has one daughter. He is a Police Youth Aid Officer.

Gina WILLIAMSON (Independent)

Educated at St.Margaret's College and a Registered Nurse I have been a resident of the ward for 30 years. I have a considerable interest in gardening being past editor for the Canterbury Rose Society and the Canterbury Rhododendron Society. I am a Garden consultant, speaker and Rose Judge. I served on the Executives of Roseworld '94 and more recently, the Mona Vale Garden Show. I am Chairperson of the Merivale Precinct Society and want control on rate rises with much greater decision making at Community Board level, ensuring an even distribution of the rate take. The Ward, currently is seriously disadvantaged with lack of undergrounding of overhead services being a glaring example. Preserving heritage is one priority and currently I am actively involved in endeavouring to prevent Leinster House's removal from Merivale. I believe that I have the skills to represent both the Fendalton and Waimairi residents with due diligence.

Andrew YOON (Independent Citizens)

I believe Christchurch needs positive change. A new focus and an injection of new initiatives. Our city needs innovation and efficiency, saving ratepayers time and money. Some decisions take too long. Progress is stifled by too many costly meetings.

We live in a great environment. Let's make a difference to the way our city moves forward, starting with our Community Board.

I will endeavour to hold rates at the current level and any increases should be no greater than the annual inflation rate.

As a JP I am available to all. As a member of the Fendalton/Waimairi Community Board I will represent all people. My personal experience as an Asian family man enables me to see issues from many perspectives.

I want to see Christchurch develop as an enterprising, progressive business environment.

I will bring a new focus - let's work hard to build our city together!

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