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Christchurch City Council
Fendalton/Waimairi Community Board Agenda

Tuesday 31 July 2001 at 4pm in the Board Room,
Christchurch City Council Fendalton Cnr Jeffreys and Clyde Roads

Community Board: Keith Nuttall (Chairman)
Diana Bradley, Sally Buck, Val Carter, Pat Harrow, Yiyi Ku, Barbara Stewart, Mike Wall, Ron Wright
Community Advocate
Tony Gemmill
Telephone: 941 6701
Fax: 941 6748
Community Secretary
Peter Dow
Telephone: 941 6728
Fax: 941 6748
Part A - Matters Requiring A Council Decision
Part B - Reports For Information

Part C - Delegated Decisions
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Part C 1. Apologies
Part C 2. Confirmation of Meeting Report – 3 July 2001
Part B 3. Deputations by Appointment - Phyl Barr, 2 Wai-Iti Terrace
Part B 4 Special Amenity Area Design Guides
Part B 5. Grahams Road and Greers Road – Proposed Pedestrian Islands
Part C 6. Wai-Iti Terrace – Kerb and Channel Renewal
Part C 7. 19 Fendalton Road – Proposed Landscaping
Part B 8. Wairakei Road – Proposed Parking Limit Lines
Part B & C 9. Works and Traffic Safety Committee – Report of 17 July 2001
Part B 10. School Holiday Programmes
Part B 11. "Lets Go" – Progress Report
Part B 12. "Creative Expression with Clay" – Progress Report
Part B 13. Guildford Street Trees
Part B 14. Truman Road Oak Tree
Part B & C 15. Community Services Committee – Report of 19 July 2001
Part C 16. Fendalton Out of School Care and Recreation Programme
Part C 17. 2000/2001 Board Objectives and Performance Indicators – Review of Achievement
Part B 18. Board Funding Allocations 2000/2001 – End of Year Report
Part C 19. Community Board Planning Statements
Part C 20. Local Government Act Review – Board Submission
Part C 21. Request for Funding Assistance
Part B 22. Bishopdale School Community Development Project
Part B 23. Weston Road – Traffic Issues
Part C 24. Proposed New Right of Way Name
Part B 25. Board Seminar – Advocacy/Communication
Part B 26. Good News Stories
Part B 27. Questions

1.   Apologies
26. Good News Stories
27. Questions

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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