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Report of the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board to the Council meeting of Thursday 5 April 2007

A meeting of the Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Board was held on Wednesday 21 February 2007 at 4pm

Present: Claudia Reid (Chairperson), Jeremy Agar, Stuart Bould, Ann Jolliffe, Dawn Kottier and Bob Parker.
Apologies: An apology for lateness and for earlier departure was received and accepted from Bob Parker.
Bob Parker arrived at 5.59pm and was present for clauses 8, 9, 10 and 18 before retiring at 6.47pm.

A copy of the Full Report without Appendices is available.

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part A   1 Applications by Shell Oil (NZ) Limited and Mobil Oil (NZ) Limited for Installation of Oil Pipelines and Water Main in Legal Roads
Part B   2 Deputations by Appointment
Part B   3 Briefings
Part B   4 Petitions
Part B   5 Correspondence
Part B   6 Notices of Motion
Part B   7 Diamond Harbour Community Early Childhood Centre – Possible Sites
Part B   8 Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Recess Committee – Report of 31 January 2007
Part B   9 Board Members’ Information Exchange
Part B   10 Board Funds Update
Part B   11 Acting Community Board Principal Adviser’s Update
Part B   12 Members Questions
Part C   13 Confirmation of Meeting Report – 13 December 2006
Part C   14 Part of Park Terrace Reserve Land Exchange for Other Land
Part C   15 New Road Name
Part C   16 Community Board “Onboard” Monthly Newsletter - Update
Part C   17 New Zealand Community Boards’ Conference 2007
Part C   18 Lyttelton/Mt Herbert Community Support Fund


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