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Report of the Regulatory and Consents Committee to the Council meeting of Thursday 23 September 2004

A meeting of the Regulatory and Consents Committee was held on Friday 3 September 2004 at 9.15am

Present: Councillor Sue Wells (Chair),
Councillors Helen Broughton (apology for lateness),  David Cox,  Megan Evans,  Ishwar Ganda,  Linda Rutland,  Gail Sheriff and Norm Withers.
Apologies: An apology for absence was received and accepted from Councillor Lesley Keast.
Councillor Helen Broughton arrived at 10.10am and was absent for part of clause 1.
Councillor Gail Sheriff temporarily retired from the meeting from 11.18am to 11.26am and from 11.40am to 11.44am and was absent for part of clauses 5 and 13.
Councillor Sue Wells temporarily retired from the meeting between 12.40pm and 12.43pm and was absent for clauses 8 and 9 and for part of clause 10.

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part A   1 Proposed Variation 91: Financial Contributions and Development Contributions
Part A   2 High Density Development in New Brighton
Part A   3 Variation 92 to the Proposed City Plan: Rezoning of 207-215 Johns Road from Rural 3 to Living 1 (Deferred)
Part A   4 Training for Council Hearings Panels
Part A   5 Report from the Alcohol Policy Subcommittee
Part A   6 Resource Management Amendment Act 2003 - Delegations
Part A   7 Development of Office Block at Ferrymead
Part A   8 Update on Making the City Plan Operative and Available Online
Part A   9 Delegations During Interregnum
Part A   10 The Use of 1080 for Pest Control - A Discussion Document
Part A   11 Resource Management Law Association Conference
Part B   12 Deputations by Appointment
Part B   13 Year End Reporting
Part B   14 Petition Opposing Neighbourhood Tavern, Acheson Avenue


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