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Report of the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board to the Council meeting of Thursday 23 September 2004

A meeting of the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board was held on Wednesday 1 September 2004 at 2pm

Present: Bob Todd (Chairperson),
Rod Cameron, David Cox, Anna Crighton, Shirley Fairhall, John Freeman, Yani Johanson, Linda Rutland, Brendan Smith and Denis O’Rourke.
Apologies: Apologies for lateness were received and accepted from Anna Crighton and Brendan Smith.
Shirley Fairhall arrived at 2.05pm and was absent for clauses 13 and 29.
Brendan Smith arrived at 2.10pm and was absent for clauses 3, 13 and 29.
Anna Crighton arrived at 2.15pm and departed at 5.15pm and was absent for clauses 1, 2, 3, 6, 8-11, 13, 15-17 and 19-30.
David Cox was absent for clauses 6 and 28 and subclause 12.3.
Denis O’Rourke was absent for clause 15.
John Freeman was absent for part of clause 2.
Bob Todd declared an interest in clause 30 and retired from the discussion and voting thereon, when Linda Rutland temporarily assumed the Chair.

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part A   1 Change of Use of Property at 322 Armagh Street and Revocation of Reserve Status
Part A   2 Proposed Road Stopping: Moncks Spur
Part B   3 Report on Young People in the Central City
Part B   4 Greenspace Unit Capital Programme 2003/04: End of Year Report
Part B   5 Greenspace Unit Capital Programme 2004/05
Part B   6 Results of Review of Riverside Planting Sites
Part B   7 170 Fitzgerald Avenue Options Report
Part B   8 Report of the Environment and Traffic Committee: 17 August 2004
Part B   9 Report of the Community, Policy and Finance Committee: 18 August 2004
Part B   10 Community Facilities: Hagley and Ferrymead
Part B   11 Community Advocate’s Update
Part B   12 Deputations by Appointment
Part C   13 Confirmation of Report
Part C   14 Implementation Plan for Hagley/Ferrymead Leisure, Parks and Waterways Study
Part C   15 Andrew Johnson Proposed Memorial
Part C   16 Proposed New Road and Right of Way Names
Part C   17 Swanns Road Traffic Improvements
Part C   18 Pages Road Cycleway: Buckleys Road to Breezes Road
Part C   19 Contract Number 04/05-06: Footpath Resurfacing: Hagley/Ferrymead Wards
Part C   20 Ferry Road: P60 Parking Restriction
Part C   21 Ferry Road: Proposed “No Stopping” Outside Number 537
Part C   22 Moorhouse Avenue: Proposed P60 Parking Restriction
Part C   23 Montreal Street: P60 Parking Restriction
Part C   24 Cambridge Terrace: Construction Zone
Part C   25 Report of the Environment and Traffic Committee: 17 August 2004 (Cont’d)
Part C   26 Community Board Code of Conduct
Part C   27 Election Recess Process: Delegation Arrangements for Board
Part C   28 Deputation by Appointment: Charleston Residents' Association (Cont'd)
Part C   29 Supplementary Reports
Part C   30 Sumner Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated: Funding Request


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