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Report of the Burwood/Pegasus Community Board to the Council meeting of Thursday 26 August 2004

A meeting of the Burwood/Pegasus Community Board was held on Monday 2 August 2004 at 4pm

Present: Don Rowlands (Chairperson), Bob Andrews, Glenda Burt, Carole Evans, Alister James, Caroline Kellaway, Andy Lea, and Chrissie Williams.
Apologies: An apology for absence was received and accepted from
Carmen Hammond and Gail Sheriff.An apology for lateness was received and accepted from Alister James, who arrived at 4.10 pm and was absent for clause 7 and part of clause 1.1.

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part B   1 Deputations by Appointment
Part B   2 Residents’ Associations
Part B   3 Community Advocate’s Update
Part B   4 Farnborough Street - Traffic Counts and Traffic Calming Measures
Part B   5 Owles Terrace - Reconsideration of Future Use Options
Part B   6 Citywide Public Transport Priority Plan
Part C   7 Confirmation of Report


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