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Audit and Risk Management Subcommittee Agenda

Wednesday 28 June 2006 at 10am in the Mayor's Lounge, Civic Offices


Councillor Bob Shearing (Chairman),  The Mayor, Mr Garry Moore,
Councillors Graham Condon, David Cox and Gail Sheriff,
Messrs John Hooper and Michael Rondel.

Principal Adviser: Roy Baker, Telephone: 941 8540, Fax: 941 8572
Committee Secretary: Tony McKendry, Telephone: 941 8536, Fax: 941 8696

A copy of the Full Agenda without Appendices is available.

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part C   1 Apologies
Part C   2 Minutes of Previous Meeting - 7 June 2006
Part C   3 Audit Issues from Previous Meetings
Part C   4 Introduction to the Internal Audit Partner
Part C   5 Draft Internal Audit Programme for the 2006/07 Year
Part C   6 Report on Internal Audit Activity: Four Months to April 2006
Part C   7 Treasury Management Report for 2005-06 Year to Quarter Ended 31 March 2006
Part C   8 Changes to NZ GAAP - Compliant Accounting Policies
Part C   9 Changes to NZ IFRS - Compliant Accounting Policies
Part C   10 Next Meeting
Part C   11 Resolution to Exclude the Public


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