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Sustainable Transport and Utilities Committee Agenda

Tuesday 7 September 2004 at 9.30am in the No 2 Committee Room, Civic Offices

Committee: Councillor Denis O’Rourke (Chairman), The Mayor, Mr Garry Moore,
Councillors Helen Broughton, Sally Buck, Graham Condon, Barry Corbett, Carole Evans, Megan Evans, Ingrid Stonhill, Chrissie Williams and Ron Wright.
Principal Adviser: Jane Parfitt, Telephone:941 8656, Fax: 941 8572
Community Secretary: Kevin Roche, Telephone: 941 8536, Fax: 941 8696

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part C   1 Apologies
Part B   2 Deputations by Appointment
Part B   3 Petitions
Part B   4 Correspondence
Part B   5 Contract 03/04-253 Islington Sewer Scheme Stage 2
Part A   6 Burwood Landfill Gas Utilisation Project
Part A   7 Proposed Waste Handling Facilities Licensing Bylaw
Part B   8 Standards for Disabled Persons
Part A   9 Central City Shuttle Review
Part A   10 Resurfacing of Vehicle Entrances
Part A   11 Avonside Drive/Fitzgerald Avenue/Kilmore Street Intersection Improvements
Part A   12 Hills Road/Innes Road Intersection - Safety Improvements
Part A   13 Clarence Street/Riccarton Road/Straven Road Intersection Improvements
Part C   14 Moorhouse Avenue - Proposed P60 Parking Restriction
Part C   15 Parking for the Disabled
Part A   16 Marshland Road - Traffic Management
Part B   17 Main Roads Amenity Planting
Part A   18 Ferrymead Bridge Lifelines Project
Part A   19 New Brighton Road - Avondale Road to Wainoni Road Cycleway Improvements
Part B   20 Tennyson Street and Lyttelton Street Off-road and On-road Cycling Facilities - Evaluation
Part A   21 Submission on the Draft Canterbury Regional Land Transport Strategy 2005-2015
Part B   22 Reporting for the Period Ended 30 June 2004
Part C   23 Litter Strategy
Part B   24 Undergrounding Narrow Streets
Part B   25 Recovered Materials Foundation (RMF) Annual Reporting


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