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Christchurch City Council
Shirley/Papanui Community Board Agenda

Wednesday 1 August 2001 at 4pm in the Board Room,
Papanui Service Centre, Cnr Langdons Road and Restell Street

Community Board: Yvonne Palmer (Chairperson)
Myra Barry, Robin Booth, Anne Carroll, Graham Condon, Dennis Hills, Ingrid Stonhill, Sally Thompson, Stephen Wright
Community Advocate
Barbara Ford
Telephone: 354 1707
Fax: 352 1308
Community Secretary
Sharon Ogden
Telephone: 354 1705 
Fax: 352 1308
Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions
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Part C 1. Apologies
Part B 2. Confirmation of Meeting Report
Part B 3. Deputations by Appointment
(a) Te Manawa Tu Kaha Bilingual Unit, Shirley Intermediate
(b) Kainga Residents’ Association
Part C 4. Te Manawa Tu Kaha
Part B 5. Recreation and Arts Team – Presentation
Part C 6. Leisure Parks and Waterways Plan
Part C 7. BMX Freestyle Cycle Facility – Craighead Reserve
Part C 8. Richmond Park – Property Purchase
Part B 9. Pedestrain/Cyclist Access Across Main North Road as Part of the Styx River Green Corridor
Part C 10. Caledonian Road – P30 Time Limit Parking
Part B 11. Halliwell Avenue, Tulloch Parking Restrictions
Part B 12. Ballymena, Kilkenny, Mayo Intersection Giveway Signs
Part B 13. Regents Park Walkways
Part B 14. Papanui War Memorial Streets
Part C 15. Neighbourhood Support – Canterbury
Part B 16. Shirley Research Committee Report
Part C 17. Request for Leave of Absence
Part B 18. Confirmation of Meeting, Times and Dates
Part B 19. Planning Statement and Project Proposals 2002/2003
Part B 20. Community Board Planning Statements
Part B 21. Community Advocates Report – Shirley/Papanui
Part B 22. Weston Road Residents Meeting
Part B 23. Joint Heritage Committee Report
Part B 24. Neighbourhood Week Joint Board Committee
Part B 25. Review of the Local Government Act
Part B 26. Report of 2001/2002 Discretionary Funds
Part C 27. Resolution to Exclude the Public
Part C 28. Richmond Park - Property Purchase

1. Apologies

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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