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Our Environment: Issue 20 Spring 1999

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Cleaning up Christchurch and the world

Waves of volunteers are set to descend on the City's waterways, beaches, reserves and roads on September 17 and 18 to Clean Up the World and Christchurch in particular.

Increasing numbers of bottles thrown into the inner city stretch of the Avon River are on the hit list. An area of Lyttelton Harbour is also targeted for a major blitz on litter.

Last year an army of 4,000 volunteers and 76 groups was involved locally in the annual clean up. Organisers from Keep Christchurch Beautiful and Marine Watch predict even more people may turn out this year.

Papanui Warehouse challenged other community organisations within its neighbourhood to come on board for this year's campaign. Jim's Mowing franchise offered to pick up the piles of rubbish collected during the clean up and the City Council's Waste Management Unit said it would also assist with rubbish disposal. The involvement of two major companies The Warehouse Group and Telecom has given the Clean Up the World Campaign a big boost nationally.

The huge voluntary local effort is part of a rapidly growing campaign, which involved an estimated 40 million people from more than 100 countries last year. Australian builder and sailor Ian Kiernan was responsible for the first large scale Clean Up campaign in 1989, targeting Sydney Harbour. Clean Up Australia is now that country's largest community participation event.

People are constantly being asked to dig deep into their pockets to support worthy community campaigns and charities. Clean Up the World is different because it offers people the opportunity to give time rather than money. A couple of hours effort is all the campaign seeks.

How you can help

  • There are many ways you can help clean up the world:
  • Organise a committee to co-ordinate a clean up in your local area;
  • Help on the day by volunteering to participate in other clean up activities;
  • Tell your friends, family and community from all over the globe about Clean Up the World;
  • Help every day by caring for your local environment and setting an example to others in the community.

For more clean-up information, tap in to the Sydney web site

( Kerry Everingham
Environmental Promotion Officer

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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