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Our Environment: Issue 24 Spring 2000

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More Than 100 Events During Heritage Week

Heritage Week Whether it’s climbing old towers, digging up history, relaxing walks or a lively debate, Carter Group Heritage Week will give Christchurch people a chance to explore their heritage from all angles. The 100 plus events, between 13 and 20 October, will also pave the way for Canterbury’s 150th anniversary celebrations in December.

Taking the Past into the Future is the theme of Heritage Week, which will include a one-day seminar, open days, lectures, walks, bus tours, exhibitions and musical entertainment. It will also feature traditional craft demonstrations and provide opportunities to visit some of the City’s historic homes.

The Christchurch Heritage Trust City Landmark Children’s Competition is another Heritage Week event. Winners will be announced in the Stone Chamber of the Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings on Tuesday 17 October at 1.30pm.

One of the week’s highlights will be the debate: Gothic and Godley or Concrete and Crusaders? That the Canterbury Association’s vision for Christchurch has failed. A merciless probe into the very fabric of our society will be spearheaded by columnist Joe Bennett, Mayor Garry Moore and Councillor Paddy Austin. Defending our fair City will be the Dean of Christchurch, the Very Reverend John Bluck, the Vice Chancellor of Canterbury University Daryl Le Grew and entertainer Janice Gray. Chairman and law lecturer David Round will maintain order.

In the one-day seminar at Ferrymead Historic Park, speakers from key organisations including the Government, the NZ Historic Places Trust, Christchurch City Council, University of Canterbury, Canterbury Museum and Robert McDougall Art Gallery, discuss how they are adapting to the needs of the new millennium while remaining committed to protecting and showcasing our heritage. The evolution of the City’s public transport system will also be explored just weeks before the opening of the new bus exchange. The week’s programme will be delivered to homes with the Christchurch Star on 27 September.

It will also be available from the Arts Centre, City Council libraries and service centres or see

Ph 332-3254 or 025 331 085 for details.

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