Christchurch City Update 1997



Update ’97’ is Christchurch City Council’s fourth annual report on the state of the City’s environment. It provides decision makers, and the wider community with up to date information on social, economic and environmental issues and trends.

The form and content of the Council’s state of the environment monitoring reports have changed since the first one was produced in 1994. This reflects an increasing need for information within local government, obligations under the Resource Management Act, and the availability of new sources of data.

In the future the Council’s approach to state of the environment monitoring is likely to change to reflect national and local monitoring programmes. However, future reports will still reflect issues of interest to the local community. Release of subsequent monitoring reports may move to a two yearly cycle and be supplemented by information releases on topical issues and reports arising from other monitoring programmes.

Like previous monitoring reports ‘Update ’97’ will be distributed locally and nationally, and will be made available on the Christchurch City Council’s world wide web site ( ).

We are confident you will find Christchurch City Update ’97 interesting and informative and welcome your comments and suggestions relating to the content and future direction of this report.

J.G. Dryden

Environmental Policy and Planning Manager

March 1998




Christchurch City Update ’97 was prepared by Corinne Macintyre BA (Hons) and David Price MSc (Hons) of the Environmental Policy and Planning Unit (EPPU).

Additional research and assistance was provided by Vicki Newbury BRS (Hons) and Elizabeth Smith BA (EPPU).

Information used in this report has been provided by a variety of local and central government organisations, and by staff in a number of Units within the City Council most notably: Environmental Policy and Planning, Water Services, Waste Management, City Streets and Environmental Services Units.

The cover page and colour photographs were prepared by Peter Shapcott (EPPU).

Update ’97 was edited by Jennie Hamilton.

If you require further information about Christchurch City Update ‘97 please contact

Corinne Macintyre or David Price at the Christchurch City Council, PO Box 237, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.

phone (03) 9418-815 fax (03) 941 8789 or E-mail;


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Produced and Published by:

Environmental Policy and Planning Unit,

Christchurch City Council,

P O Box 237,



March 1998

ISBN 0-9583696-4-X