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Update 2000 Christchurch City Update 2000

These pages have been reformated into the Social and environmental Trends Reports.

Christchurch City Update 2000 is the fifth report on the state of the City’s environment. It is a non-technical, descriptive report designed to provide community representatives, decision makers and the wider community with up-to-date information on Christchurch’s demographic, environmental and economic trends and issues.

Topics included in this report are those known to be of interest to Christchurch people. They have been identified through ongoing consultation and discussion with a range of Council staff, elected members and the general public. A wide variety of other local and international monitoring programmes have also influenced the form and content of this report.

Christchurch City Update 2000 is produced as part of the Council’s State of the Environment Monitoring Programme which was initiated during the mid-1990s. The programme was developed in response to the requirement under the Resource Management Act (1991) for territorial local authorities to monitor their environments. It has also been driven by the increasing need within local government for accurate information for decision making and policy development, and the community’s growing appetite for information about the wider environment.

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( Christchurch City Update 2000 Whole Report (5.1Mb)

Christchurch City Update 2000 Part 1
Contents and Introduction (31Kb)

Part 1: The City's People (660 Kb)

Population Growth
Population Growth 1991 to 1999; Growth of Christchurch City’s Neighbouring Districts; Net External Migration; Migration from Other Parts of New Zealand (Internal Migration); Future Population Growth; Future Household Growth; Managing Population and Household Growth in Christchurch
A Profile of Christchurch Residents
Gender; Age Composition; Ethnic Diversity; Country of Birth; Type of Dwellings; Home Ownership and Renting; Household Type; Average Household Size; Families; Workforce; Income Sources and Incomes; Monitoring Poverty, Hardship and Community Well-Being in Christchurch City
Life Expectancy; Infant Mortality; Major Causes of Death; People who Smoke Regularly
Personal Safety
Road Safety; Public Perceptions or Sense of Safety
Early Childcare Centres and Education Facilities; Formal Education
Christchurch City Update 2000 Part 2 Part 2: The City's Environment (3.8Mb)
Weather and Climate
El Nino Southern Oscillation; Temperature; Rainfall
Natural Hazards
Types of Natural Hazards; Recent Impacts of Natural Hazards
Land Use
Urban Land Use; Rural Land Use; Soils
Air Quality
Pressures on Air Quality; Air Quality Trends; Carbon Monoxide Monitoring at Riccarton Road; Air Pollution Complaints
Groundwater Abstraction; Groundwater Quality
Surface Water
Waterway Characteristics; Pressures on Surface Waters; Water Quality; Waterway Management; Birdlife on the City’s Waterways
The Coastal Environment
Avon Heathcote Estuary; Coastal Water Quality; Implications of Sea Level Rise; Coastal Wave Climate
Open Space and Natural Ecosystems
Public Open Space; Conservation Zones; Natural Area and Ecological Heritage Sites; Protected Trees; Indigenous Urban Vegetation; Bird Life in the Port Hills
The Built Environment
Residential Dwellings; Residential Development; Location of Residential Building Activity; Central City Living; New Rural Dwellings; Industrial Activity; Infrastructure
Urban Amenity
Local Neighbourhood Amenity; City-Wide Amenity; Central City Amenity
Total Energy Consumption; Energy by Type; Energy by Sector
Motor Vehicles; Traffic Volumes; Journey to Work; Public Transport; Ease of Travel within Christchurch Airport Noise
Waste Management
Solid Waste; Liquid Waste; Hazardous Waste
Christchurch City Update 2000 Part 3
Part 3: The City's Economy (380Kb)
Economic Activity and Business Confidence
Economic Activity; Business Confidence
Number of Businesses, Employment and Unemployment
Businesses; Employment; Unemployment
Earnings and Expenditure
Average Earnings; Household Expenditure; Retail Sales
Residential and Commercial Property
Capital Value of Properties; Value of Construction; Residential Property Sales; New Business Floorspace
Central City
Businesses and Employment; Retailing in the Central City; Vacant Office Rental Floor Space; Central City Commercial Floor Space
Appendix 1  (47Kb)
Appendix 2   (33Kb)
Bibliography (20Kb)
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