Song 2000

Song 2000 - "A New Sunrise"   Canterbury's theme song to celebrate the year 2000.  Composed by Joe Tamaira "A New Sunrise" was the winning entry of the Turning Point 2000 Year 2000 Song Competition and will be a feature of major events and celebrations throughout the year 2000.

Song Lyrics


A New Sunrise - Turning Point 2000

We salute all the warriors – and pioneers of old

All the history makers – inventors and scholars

All the sports men and women – who have paved a new path

Who believe in a dream – deep down in their hearts

Through the blood sweat and tears – and the battering storms

They fought for a future – and a province was born

Bridge I can see – A new sunrise

I can see – Destiny

I can see – On the horizon

I can see we’re rising up and making history

Chorus Canterbury – Waitaha

Otautahi – O nga hau e wha

Canterbury – Waitaha

Against all the odds you have won

Canterbury – Waitaha

Canterbury – O nga hau e wha

Canterbury – Waitaha

I’m proud to call you my home

To this young generation – keep fanning the flame

Believe in your vision – and follow your dream

Take this torch to the future – to the next thousand years

Embracing the spirit – of the old pioneers

And the warriors of old – who conquered and won

That the future of Canterbury – Waitaha live on



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