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Hello!Cool Stuff is back with two weeks chock-full of exciting holiday fun from July 1st to 14th! With nearly 150 events over 14 days, you’ll have to get your flippers on and make those reservations fast - lots of the events sell out! We’ve grouped the events together in their “type”, just like last year, so you can go straight to your favourite activity. There’s a handy ‘at a glance’ day-by-day schedule in the front of this brochure too.

Weather PermittingKeep an eye open for events marked with this symbol as   they are weather dependant.

The Ticketek booking office opens on Saturday 17 June. Check out the information on how to book and how to make PreferentialMail Order Bookings before Wednesday14 June.

LogoBusInfo.gif (3245 bytes)Free Bus Passes for kids under 12!
If you’re under 12, you can use a free Businfo bus pass to get you to or from a KidsFest event. The passes are valid for 1 bus trip within Christchurch on the Red Bus, Leopard, Citiline and Astro bus services, and they’ll be available at all primary and intermediate schools, service centres, or call in to Businfo in Cathedral Square. Get on the bus to Kids- Fest! Special conditions apply see the back of your bus pass.
For info regarding timetables, call BusINFO 3 66 88 55

Free EventFree events!
Look for this free marker and make the most of some terrific events - at no charge!


KidsFest radio
As always, KidsRadio 96FM will be the TV2 KidsFest official radio station this year. Tune in for music, prizes and entertainment with this year's host school, Shirley Intermediate. More info.

KidsFest infoLine 3722 877
Want to know if an event is cancelled due to weather or sold out? Want to find out more about the booking process? Call the infoline now!

Access event details online! At any time of the day or night.

Thanks again to all of the community groups, sponsors and businesses that have contributed to this year’s event line-up.The Christchurch City Council appreciates their time and effort.

(kidsfest@ccc.govt.nz) Email KidsFest