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Living Streets
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Your street can become a Living Street

Oxford Terrace, Avon Loop

Oxford Terrace in the Avon Loop

Any street that is not a motorway or expressway can become a living street.

Living Streets are not just born. Nor do they just happen. They are created. They need a dedicated will, a determined drive, unquenchable enthusiasm in the midst of challenges, and a commitment that will not waver. They need the combined, co-operative efforts of the City Council, local residents and businesses.

In other words, if you want your street to become a living street, the Christchurch City Council welcomes your involvement. Every Living Street is different, depending on the character and the values of its people.

You and your neighbours can make it happen

Here is how you can start to make your street a safe place to walk, cycle, play & meet friends.

  • Show the Living Streets booklet to your neighbours. You can get additional copies of this and other materials on the subject from the Christchurch City Council.
  • Read other documents on the subject. Christchurch City Council staff can give you copies of the Living Streets Tools Manual; Quality of Life and Living Streets in Christchurch Critical Success Factors August 2000; and The Living Streets Strategy 2000.
  • Join with others in your street to discuss the concept and share ideas. You may like to initiate a residents’ meeting. You can ask the City Streets representative or your local Residents Association for help with this.
  • Join with other residents in your street to develop and sign a Community Contract declaring that if your street becomes a living street you will consciously reduce your speed in other residential streets.
  • You may wish to include a challenge to residents to reduce the number of vehicle trips from your street by combining outings (e.g. shopping with other destination trips) or by catching the bus once a week.
Severn Street, St Albans

Severn Street, St Albans

For further information on Living Streets please contact:

City Streets Unit
Christchurch City Council
PO Box 237

Telephone: (03) 941 8666

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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