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Why Living Streets in Christchurch?

Poynder Avenue and Wroxton Terrace in Fendalton

Poynder Avenue & Wroxton Terrace in Fendalton

Living streets help create living cities, and street environments can set the stage for activities that enhance the quality of life.

Christchurch is acknowledged as a world leader in street and urban design. We already enjoy many urban and suburban areas that have been described by international consultants as Living Streets.

Christchurch City Council is committed to creating more Living Streets throughout the city. By changing our traffic and transport priorities we can ensure a better balance between pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, taxis, service vehicles and private cars.

Christchurch City Council is committed to supporting residents who want to make their street a Living Street. The planners, engineers and designers in the council have the experience, the skill and the determination to continue making this city a wonderful place to live.

Bickerton Street in Wainoni

Bickerton Street in Wainoni

Many Christchurch residents, through the annual Citizens Survey, have said that they are satisfied with living here, but many are concerned about factors such as air quality and increasing traffic.

Christchurch people have demonstrated that, when they fully understand the common purpose, they will become involved in making change happen, and will take responsibility for their neighbourhood assets.

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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