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Living Streets
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Quality of Life

The Christchurch City Council Living Streets strategy outlines eight ways in which a Living Street contributes to our quality of life:

Clearly, quality of life is complex and holistic, involving the ways people feel as individuals and about the places in which they are living. What a place is like, and whether it will be successful as a living environment, depends on objective factors like housing, transport and social provision and also on less tangible factors such as what it feels like there for the people who use it.

In residential streets, the motor vehicle has a significant impact - both positive and negative - on our quality of life. The design and development of Living Streets amongst the residential streets of Christchurch is a tangible way of evolving from the car focus to a more balanced environment, where people who live, work and visit in the streets have at least the same priority as cars.

The Living Streets philosophy can also be applied in the design and development of network roads. In these situations, the focus is on crossability, public transport
and cycling.

Safety & Security

Matai Street in Riccarton

Ely Street in the Inner City

Economic Vitality

The corner of Victoria and Salisbury Streets

The corner of Victoria & Salisbury Streets

The corner of Wakefield Avenue & Marriner Street in Sumner

Quality Housing

Hidcote Place in Avonhead

Community Networks

The creation of a livable, safe place and sense of community.

Golden Elm Lane in Upper Riccarton (this is a private road)

Cowlishaw Street in Avonside

A Sense of Place & Identity

The Avon River between Oxford and Cambridge Terraces

Cultural Activities

Allowing places to be celebrated & enjoyed.

Bridge of Remembrance

Worcester Boulevard

A Sustainable Environment

The Esplanade in Sumner

With user friendly transport systems and a high quality of air, water cleanliness, waste disposal and noise reduction.

Ease of Access

To health, education, shopping, sporting amenities and facilities, and community organisations.

Tui Street in Fendalton

Ilam Road in Fendalton

This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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