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Christchurch City Council Media Release 8 November 1999

Library Changes Back To Drawing Board

A plan to replace Spreydon Library has been put on hold and another report sought.

After years of planning the Christchurch City Council’s community services committee yesterday decided to seek a report on library services for the south of Christchurch in view of plans to upgrade the St Martins and Spreydon libraries.

The public made submissions last month on four options to replace Spreydon library, in Barrington Street, as it is too small. Previously the council tried to buy land to upgrade the St Martins library but failed to do so.

At the committee meeting yesterday, its chairwoman, Cr Carole Anderton, said the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board had not reached agreement and the community was divided over the replacement of the Spreydon library.

Cr Sue Wells successfully brought the amendment calling for a new report and this will go to the Strategy and Resources Committee

The Mayor, Garry Moore, raised the question of whether the library could be sited elsewhere and suggested the Beckenham Service Centre, but the property projects manager, Angus Smith, said the site was unsuitable because of pipes and wells.

The libraries manager, Sue Sutherland, said the Spreydon library was not coping with customers.

Cr Anderton said under several replacement options two trees would be moved and one lost.

She said Cr Wells’ proposal took the matter back to the drawing board but it would be useful if going ahead could lead to accusations of spending too much money.

Mrs Sutherland said the new building had been delayed three years so far.

International conference

A two-day conference on March 9-10 will be held in Christchurch as part of the Bertelsmann "Cities of Tomorrow" international network.

The network’s goals are the exchange of experiences, transfer of knowledge and learning.

The forum will focus on community governance and local government efforts in employment and housing matters.

Taskforce set up on poverty

People are being sought to sit on a Christchurch City Council taskforce on poverty.

The council’s community services committee yesterday set up the taskforce, which will include the Mayor, Garry Moore.

He said something had to be done to alleviate poverty in the city. He hoped action would flow from the taskforce.

The committee’s chairwoman, Cr Carole Anderton, said it should not be overlooked that the city already did a lot for those on low-incomes, such as social initiatives, and the Mayor’s welfare fund. But that did not mean that more could be done, she said.

Cr Erin Baker said many children could not afford to use council facilities and Cr Anderton said families had approached here saying they could access swimming pools because they not afford the entry fees.

Cr Ishwar Ganda warned that if people were allowed into pools free the money would have to be obtained in other ways. "We cannot just have fee entry to the swimming pools. A wider look at these things must be taken," he said.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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