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Christchurch City Council Media Release 19 October 1999

Garden Of Recovery

It is called the recycled glass garden or the Phoenix Garden.

The Recovered Materials Foundation, in conjunction with Garden Max, has created a novel garden display using a range of recovered and recycled materials.

On display at Gardenz from the 22-25 October in North Hagley Park, the Phoenix Garden principally focuses on the use of glass in a variety of landscaping applications.

These uses include: a recycled glass sculpture centre-piece, glass-concrete tiles, a mosaic glass carpet depicting the Phoenix rising from the trashes, a garden wall made from straw bales coated with a glass/ filler texture coating, and even reused glass bottles fashioned into outdoor candle lamps.

Gina Payne and Maxine Childs from Garden Max have designed the planting to complement the texture, colour and reflective properties of screened crushed glass being used as a mulch. Based on an Aztec design, the Phoenix Garden was named after the two large phoenix palms sited on either side of the garden display.

"We chose this name, rather than focusing on the recycled materials in the garden because we really want to challenge any preconceived ideas people may have about the appearance and performance of recycled materials," said Gina Payne.

"Recovered and recycled materials should be able to sell themselves on their unique properties, rather than just relying on the "environmentally friendly" label".

Other materials and items used in the garden design, include a metal sculpture, textured rubber matting, plastic garden edging and felted wool. All of which are made from recycled materials. Products from 15 different businesses are showcased in the Phoenix Garden.

Construction of the garden began on Monday to be completed by Thursday lunchtime. Although Gardenz is not open to the public until Friday, arrangements have been made for the media to view the garden and interview involved staff on Thursday afternoon from 12.30-6pm.


Further information and anyone interested in this opportunity contact:

Sarah Gordon

Recovered Materials Foundation

Phone: (03) 348 0595 or 025 782 171


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