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Report of the Shirley/Papanui Community Board to the Council meeting of Thursday 26 August 2004

A meeting of the Shirley/Papanui Community Board was held on Wednesday 4 August 2004 at 4pm

Present: Yvonne Palmer (Chairperson), Dennis Hills (Deputy Chairperson), Myra Barry, Ingrid Stonhill, Norm Withers, Graham Condon, Stephen Wright and Robin Booth.
Apologies: Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Anne Carroll and Megan Evans.
Apologies for lateness were received and accepted from Ingrid Stonhill and Graham Condon who arrived at 4.10pm and 4.20pm respectively and who were both absent for clauses 1 and 2 inclusive.
Robin Booth arrived at 4.45pm and was absent for clauses 1 to 8 inclusive.Stephen Wright retired at 5.35pm and was absent for clauses 10 to 13 inclusive.  

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part A   1 Edward Avenue (Barbadoes Street – Cleveland Street) and Geraldine Street (Edgeware Road – Warrington Street) Contract 03/04-250
Part B   2 Deputations by Appointment
Part C   3 Confirmation of Meeting Report – 7 July 2004
Part C   4 Request for Funding - St Albans History Group
Part C   5 Sheldon Park, Belfast Rugby Club, Changing Room Requirements
Part C   6 Styx Mill Conservation Reserve – Funding Reallocation
Part C   7 Smacks Creek Esplanade Reserve - Development
Part C   8 Shirley Community Centre - Leasing
Part C   9 St Albans Street (Rutland Street – Trafalgar Street)
Part C   10 Citywide Public Transport Priority Plan


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