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Regulatory and Planning Committee Agenda

Thursday 7 February 2008 at 9.30am in the No 3 Committee Room, Civic Offices

Committee: Councillor Sue Wells (Chairman),  Councillors Helen Broughton, Sally Buck, Ngaire Button, Yani Johanson, Claudia Reid and Chrissie Williams.
Principal Adviser: Mike Theelen Telephone: 941 8281
Committee Adviser: Warren Brixton Telephone: 941 8439

A copy of the Full Agenda without Appendices is available.

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part C   1 Apologies
Part A   2 Draft Christchurch City Dog Control Policy and Bylaw 2008
Part A   3 Proposed Christchurch City Public Places Bylaw 2008
Part A   4 Proposed Draft Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2008
Part A   5 Review of the Christchurch City Council Water Related Services Bylaw 2001, the Banks Peninsula District Council Water Supply Bylaw 1998, and the Banks Peninsula District Council Wastewater Drainage Bylaw 2000
Part A   6 The Revocation of the Banks Peninsula Amusement Devices and Shooting Galleries Bylaw 1996, the Banks Peninsula Public Swimming Pools Bylaw 1972, and the Christchurch City Bylaw No 103 (1979) Public Swimming Pools
Part A   7 Variation to Banks Peninsula Proposed District Plan
Part A   8 The Revocation of the Banks Peninsula District Council Nuisances Bylaw 1996
Part A   9 Resolution to Exclude the Public


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