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Riccarton/Wigram Community Board Agenda

Wednesday 4 August 2004 at 5pm in the Sockburn Service Centre

Community Board: Mike Mora (Chairperson), Paddy Austin, Neville Bennett, Helen Broughton, Ken Cummings, Ishwar Ganda, Lesley Keast, Peter Laloli and Bob Shearing.
Principal Adviser: Martin Maguire, Telephone: 941 6501, Fax: 941 6545, Email: Martin
Community Secretary:

Roger Cave, Telephone: 941 6502, Fax: 941 6545, Email:

Part A - Matters Requiring a Council Decision
Part B - Reports for Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions

Part C   1 Apologies
Part C   2 Confirmation of Report
Part B   3 Citywide Public Transport Priority Plan
Part B   4 2003/04 12 Month Review of Board Objectives
Part C   5 Community Board Contribution to Heritage Week, 15-22 October 2004
Part B   6 Riccarton/Wigram Environment Committee Report of 20 July 2004 Meeting
Part B   7 Riccarton/Wigram Community Services Committee Report of 21 July 2004 Meeting
Part B   8 Riccarton/Wigram Transport and Roading Committee Report of 22 July 2004 Meeting
Part B   9 Members’ Questions
Part C   10 Resolution to Exclude the Public
Part A   11 Public Excluded - Stags Head Inn (now Robbies) – Assignment of Lease


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