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Christchurch City Council
Strategy and Resources Committee Agenda

Monday 18 June 2001
at 3pm in the No 2 Committee Room, Civic Offices

Committee: Councillor David Close (Chairman), The Mayor, Mr Garry Moore
Councillors Carole Anderton, Graham Condon, Anna Crighton, Carole Evans, Pat Harrow, Ian Howell, Alister James, Denis O'Rourke, Gail Sheriff, Barbara Stewart, Ron Wright
Principal Adviser
Mike Richardson
Telephone: 941 8553
Fax: 941 8811
Committee Secretary
Julie Sadler
Telephone: 941 8438
Fax: 941 8696
Part A - Matters Requiring A Council Decision
Part B - Reports For Information
Part C - Delegated Decisions
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Part C 1 Apologies
Part B 2 Deputations by Appointment 
– Robert McDougall Art Gallery Promotion of Local Bill
Part A 3 Robert McDougall Art Gallery - Local Bill
Part B 4 Public Audit Act 2001
Part A 5 2001 Triennial Christchurch City Elections
Part A 6 Proposed Changes to Local Government New Zealand Constitution
Part A 7 Registration and Maintenance of Statues, Fountains, Clocks, Memorials and other Public Artworks and Structures
Part B 8 Waka 2000: Custodial Arrangements
Part B 9 Quarterly Progress Report - Central Plains Water Enhancement Steering Committee
Part A 10 Telecommunications Network Services
Part A 11 Canterbury Hockey Foundation – Loan Guarantee
Part A 12 Remission of Rates – St John of God Health and Disability Services – Community Homes, 36 & 42 Parade Court
Part B 13 Valuation of Separate Properties
Part B 14 Rating of School Houses
Part A 15 Report from Christchurch City Holdings Limited
Part A 16 Heritage Development Grants on Commercial Buildings
Part B 17 Review of the three facilities managed by NCC (New Zealand) Limited and Owned/Leased by CCFL
Part A 18 Orders for Supplies exceeding 50% of Delegated Authority
Part C Resolution to Exclude the Public
Part B 19   Supplementary - Variation 37 - High Court Litigation

1 Apologies

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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