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Our Environment: St Albans Update 1999

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Issue Where it's at
English Park redevelopment Final draft concept plan nearly complete, building demolition likely to begin next winter
Transit designation for motorway – Madras Street The designation has been lifted. However northern access to the Central City is currently being investigated.
Madras Street - Kowhai planting on street Investigation has been undertaken to check whether it is possible to accommodate trees in Madras Street in the existing grass berm. However due to the number of underground services in the berm area, trees cannot be planted until major street works are carried out.
Packe Street traffic management The Council will discourage heavy traffic along Packe Street to the Orion site, when redevelopment occurs. Suggestions have been made to promote entrances off Canon and Purchase Streets, rather than Packe Street.
Extension of Packe Street Reserve to the street Discussions have been held between community groups and Council. The suggestions are being progressed as a concept within the Local Area Traffic Management Scheme (LATMS). The first draft is nearly finished.
Borrells Drain The possibility of purchasing a ‘wild’ area adjacent to the Packe Street Park, including the drain and access to Canon Street, was investigated. The project is currently stalled as agreement is yet to be reached with the property owner.
Champion Street Reserve New playground equipment is due to be installed early next year. Further landscaping will be carried out the following year.
Orion site Orion is currently going through the legal process of offering the land back to previous owners. The Council has registered its interest in the site as an area suitable for comprehensive housing and open space.
Fruit and nut trees Nut trees have been planted in St Albans Park and fruit trees have already been planted in Packe Street Park. Further investigation of fruit and/ or nut trees as street plantings is underway.
Orion site tree protection A tree protection survey was conducted on the site. A Lombardy Poplar was identified as meeting the criteria for protection in the City Plan as a notable tree.
St Albans Local Area Traffic Management Scheme (LATMS) The first draft is near completion.
Canon Street – Provision of a cycleway A cycleway has not been programmed for Canon Street because the volumes of cycles, cycle collision numbers and perceptions of danger do not justify a cycleway. Traffic volumes along the street are regarded as low.
Canon Street Lighting Priority for funding is currently given to arterial and collector roads for lighting upgrades. It is also occasionally done where lamp posts need replacement, or kerb and channel replacement is being undertaken.
Edgeware Shopping Centre: Emphasising entry points This is not a budget priority for the City Streets Unit of Council. Money would have to be made available from elsewhere to pay for the thresholds.
Intersection treatment at Colombo Street/ Edgeware Road Traffic lights are programmed for 2003/ 2004
Tree planting and angle parking north end Caledonian Road Work is underway
Graffiti A City wide anti-graffiti project is underway to take a co-operative approach to finding a solution to this problem.
Entry point signs “Gateway to Edgeware” signs have a low priority in the project proposal programme. It is unlikely they will be undertaken as a Council-initiated project in the near future.
Angle parking in Colombo Street Provision of angle parking in the vicinity of the St Albans Community Centre has a low priority in the project proposal programme and is unlikely in the near future.
St Albans Park: Skateboard ramp Pathways Concept Plan approved by Community Board, tender documents being prepared. New pathways are being constructed to link the skateboard ramp and landscaping undertaken.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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