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Our Environment: Issue 7 Autumn 1996:

Our Environment: Christchurch City Council's Environmental Newsletter

Waterway Enhancement Programme

The Christchurch City Council has begun an exciting new Waterway Enhancement Programme throughout the city, including some of the Port Hill waterways. The aim of the Programme is to enhance, and where possible restore the City's streams, creeks and other open waterways through planting native species from local genetic stock.

The Programme is run in close conjunction with local community groups and other interested groups. A team of Council staff including landscape architects, ecologists and engineers supplies technical advice and resources, while maintaining close contact with local people. The Council team has contacted local communities and has begun work on several waterways including Nottingham Stream in Halswell, Kaputone Creek in Belfast, Avoca Valley and Hoon Hay Valley Streams, Jacksons Creek in Sydenham, Steamwharf Sream in Woolston, Old Lake Outlet near Horseshoe Lake, and Shirley-Philpotts near Shirley.

A useful introduction to this work includes a brand-new video made by the Council and local communities. This is a 10-minute video titled Waterway Enhancement: Tiakina nga Uri o nga Wai . The video may be borrowed from the Christchurch City Libraries, or through the Water Services Unit (no cost required) Christchurch City Council, P O Box 237, Christchurch, fax: 9418-387.

The video introduces people to the ecological importance of waterways such as the following:

Rachel Barker
Waterway Enhancement Co-ordinator
Ph: 371-1392

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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