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Our Environment: Issue 18 Autumn 1999

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The Greenager Award is presented five times each year to young people up to the age of 18 who have made a personal contribution towards the protection or enhancement of our natural environment.

The award can be presented to an individual, environment committee, class or school throughout the Canterbury Region. Since 1994, it has been jointly sponsored by the Bodyshop, the Canterbury Regional Council and the Christchurch Press Newspaper In Education Department. Nominations can be posted to Tanya Jenkins, Greenager Award Co-ordinator, PO Box 12056 in Christchurch, Phone/fax (03) 332 0099.

1998 recipients were:

March Waikuku School

Project "Seaweek Studies". Over one term the entire school focused activities on the marine environment. Activities included a beach litter clean up and survey, guest speakers, estuary fieldtrips, visit to Christchurch Aquarium and a sea creature dress parade.

May Wainoni School

Project "Vegetable Garden". Pupils are encouraged and taught how to grow vegetables. Hands-on planting and harvesting activities as well as nutrition studies are undertaken. All pupils planted flower bulbs as a school ground enhancement project.

July Roanna Stewart (Rangi Ruru Girls School)

Environment Committee Co-ordinator involved in encouraging the school to become involved in recycling projects, litter collection activities and raising funds to assist Kiwi Conservation schemes.

September Sacred Heart School

Establishing a native tree nursery, gardening and school ground maintenance projects, paper recycling and comprehensive environmental studies.

November Clare Grater (Hagley Community College)

Project "Clean Up the World". Clare organised students and teachers to clear parts of Hagley Park of litter as part of a hands on litter awareness experience. The project involved gaining sponsorship plus media coverage to involve wider public participation.

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