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Our Environment: Issue 14 Autumn 1998

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Draft Heathcote Floodplain Strategy

A draft floodplain management strategy for the Heathcote River has been released by the Canterbury Regional and Christchurch City councils.

Individuals, community groups and other stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft strategy prior to it being considered again by the councils. Proposed management measures will be outlined in pamphlets distributed in the catchment area and discussed at the following public meetings:

Lower Heathcote

Monday 16 March 7.30pm at the Linwood Service Centre, 180 Smith Street.

Middle/Upper Heathcote

Thursday 19 March 7.30pm at the Old Stone House, Shalamar Drive, Cashmere.

The strategy will be a non-statutory document guiding policy and operational decisions of both councils.

Development of the floodplain has altered the pattern of flooding and increased the likelihood of property damage. Future development and modification of the floodplain and catchment will further increase risks of flood damage, unless management measures are implemented.

Public submissions were first sought in 1993 on issues of concern for the Heathcote River floodplain and steps the councils should take to reduce future flood damage.

The draft floodplain management strategy has been prepared following analysis of public submissions, analysis of possible mitigration measures (involving computer modelling and economic assessment) and environmental and social assessment of possible mitigation measures.

Jenny Ridgen
Environmental Resources Officer



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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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