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Our Environment: Issue 12 - Spring 1997:

Our Environment: Christchurch City Council's Environmental Newsletter

19-21 September 1997

Remote villages to metropolitan cities were locations for community clean-ups that spanned the globe in the 1996 Clean up the World Campaign.

Clean up the World has grown from the simple suggestion of an international clean-up to the reality of a major annual environmental campaign. The project came about as a result of discussions between Clean up Australia and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in which the idea of a global event, modelled on the successful Clean up Australia Day concept, was considered.

Co-ordinated from Sydney, Clean up the World quickly captured the imagination of hundreds of communities worldwide that responded to the invitation to take part in a historic campaign. After two years of development and planning, the inaugural Clean up the World event took place in 1993, exceeding all expectations through the involvement of an estimated 30 million people in 80 countries.

Clean up the World has since gone from strength to strength, bringing on board more nations each year as the clean-up concept spreads to all regions of the earth. In 1996 more than 40 million people in 110 countries participated.

What is a Clean-up?

The community 'clean-up' concept is simple, yet effective. Volunteers work together in their own community to carry out local clean-up activities, uniting with like-minded groups around the globe in a massive worldwide clean-up of the natural and built environment.

With the annual campaign now attracting a diverse range of countries and cultures, clean-up activities vary between communities from local site clean-ups to education campaigns, environmental concerts to photographic displays, tree planting projects to the establishment of recycling centres.

Clean up the World is able to attract the resources of communities, businesses, local governments and individuals to collaborate on shared issues and goals.

Clean up the World in Christchurch

A number of New Zealand cities, towns and communities have participated in Clean up the World since its inception in 1993, and the list of those involved continues to grow.

Marine Watch and Keep Christchurch Beautiful have co-ordinated the activities in Christchurch since 1993. Last year 1,100 Christchurch people from 43 groups donned gumboots, sunhats and gloves and took to the streets, beaches, reserves and waterways.

Those willing and able are encouraged to rally around their family, friends, neighbours and co-workers and register your interest today.

Kerry Everingham
Keep Christchurch Beautiful
Campaign Co-ordinator

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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