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Public Feedback on Brooklands Lagoon Area

7 March 2008

The Christchurch City Council is now seeking public feedback regarding the preparation of draft plans for the Brooklands Lagoon area network of reserves. The reserves to be covered will include Spencer Park, Spencer Beach Holiday Park, Spencer Park Beach, Seafield Park, Brooklands Spit, Lower Styx River, Brooklands Domain and Harbour Reserve.

These reserves, and adjacent public areas such as Brooklands Lagoon, have high values for ecological conservation and/or use for recreation. Public consultation shall help to guide the Council on how it can best protect and manage these for the public to enjoy.

Local and city residents, as well as visitors to the area, now have the opportunity to put forward their comments and suggestions about how they would like to see the reserves managed and if there are any measures they feel would help to benefit the area and the community and make it a better area to recreate in.

Derek Roozen, Parks and Waterways Planner at the Christchurch City Council says "This area represents a special resource for the Greater Christchurch area, in that it comprises a suite of public open spaces and natural areas surrounding Brooklands Lagoon, one of the few remaining natural wetlands in New Zealand. With increasing residential development alongside, and a growing desire by the public to access such areas for a range of recreational activities, it is imperative that the management, development and use of the area is appropriately planned to ensure the protection of natural values, and provide for public access for recreation activity that is compatible with the environmental values and other valid uses of the area. We welcome the public's views on this to help us prepare effective draft plans."

An informal drop-in information session will be held at Spencer Park, beside the main car park, on Saturday 8 March from 11am-2pm. Council staff will be available on site to talk to about the proposed planning.

Once comments and feedback have been received, the Council will be preparing a draft version of the plans, which will be put out for public consultation and comment later in the year.

Submissions should be made in writing no later than 5.00pm on Friday 4 April 2008 to:

Derek Roozen
Parks and Waterways Planner
Asset and Network Planning Unit
Christchurch City Council
PO Box 237, Christchurch

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