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High tide could cause further flooding

31 July 2008

The combination of the heavy rain and the high tide due at around 4pm may cause further flooding problems in areas of Christchurch.

The heavy rain has caused some minor surface flooding in streets around Christchurch, and some slips in the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula area. 

There is concern that the large ocean swells, high river levels and the ongoing heavy rain, may cause further flooding when combined with the high tide at 4pm.  

Areas which are most likely to be affected by the tidal flooding are those around the Avon and Heathcote rivers, the Estuary, Styx Mill and the eastern areas around Dallington and New Brighton.     

The tidal flooding is likely to last around about half an hour either side of the high tide.  People are asked to avoid unnecessary travel in these areas at that time.  

Surface flooding is still affecting a number of roads around Christchurch. In addition to those mentioned earlier, there is now also some flooding in Karamu St in Ilam.  

A large number of roads around the Port Hills, Lyttelton inner harbour and around Banks Peninsula continue to be affected by slips and debris on the roads. The ongoing heavy rain could cause further flooding or slips and motorists are asked to take extreme care on the roads, and to avoid unnecessary travel.    

If members of the public want to report flooding in roads or public areas they can  contact the Council call centre on 941 8999. The Council engineers and contractors will assess the situation and take appropriate action.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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