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Council approves extension to new Civic Building

24 July 2008

Today’s Christchurch City Council meeting approved a five-metre extension to the Worcester Boulevard façade of the new Civic Building and three partial mezzanine floors to accommodate another 200 staff.

Council’s original 2004 design brief for the new building was reviewed and found to be incorrect, the new Civic Building needing to accommodate 1116 and not 1000 staff as was in the original brief, Mayor Bob Parker said.

"The architects were asked by the CEO Tony Marryatt to look at the feasibility of accommodating all Council staff within the central city on the one site and it was prudent Council considered these changes.

"The additional 3266sqm of floor space will increase the annual rental of the building by $733,776 to $8.2 million. This amount is $179,224 less than the rental allowed for in the LTCCP plus the rental currently paid to house the Capital Programme Group and lease an external training facility."

Mr Parker said the combination of the increase in the net internal area and tenant variations had resulted in a reduction in rental form $404.47 per square metre to $377 per square metre.

"It is important to understand Council did not have to increase the floor space but it was considered good business practice and common sense to have all staff located in the one building within the central business district.

"It was also practical and the most cost effective option to be undertaking this work now as part of the redevelopment rather than in the future."

Mr Parker said after years of staff operating from a number of sites peppered throughout the central city, it would be good to bring everyone together when Council moves to its new home in mid 2010.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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