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Advisory group to give input into issues of ferry access in Lyttelton

15 July 2008

A Community Advisory Group (CAG) has been set up to allow community input into the issue of ferry access in Lyttelton.

The Lyttelton/Mount Herbert Community Board today considered a list of volunteers and nominees collected at two public forums and via email submissions in March and April this year. Other members of the group will represent commercial interests and individuals in the community, with local elected representatives invited to attend meetings.   

The issue of ferry access at Lyttelton is being assessed by a Technical Working Group (TWG) representing ECan, LPC and Christchurch City Council. These three organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in November 2007 to enable consideration of this issue from all angles.

The CAG will give input, opinion and expertise in assessing the merits (or otherwise) of relocation and/or redevelopment of the facilities for ferry and charter boat operations within the port. This includes consideration of berthing, car parking, public conveniences, bus, pedestrian and pedal cycle connection, security, safety and access to the town centre.

The CAG will not, however, have decision-making capabilities. It will provide the link between the TWG and community and interest groups and actively seek input reflecting the diverse opinions of these groups.

The Board agreed that an independent facilitator should be appointed to chair meetings which will be held at Lyttelton and/or Diamond Harbour.


The group will be established by July 31 2008.

Project investigation period complete by: December 31 2008

Project implementation period: January 01 – October 31 the time is extended by the MOU Technical Group.




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