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Council confirms South-West Area Plan consultation

29 August 2008

Community consultation on the Christchurch City Council’s innovative draft South-West Area Plan commences on Monday 1 September 2008.

The draft South-West Area Plan is the first Area Plan specifically developed by the Council to sustainably manage development in key areas around the city and implement the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy. The South-West Area spreads from Hornby to Hoon Hay and Halswell, including the western slopes of the Port Hills. 

Project Leader, and Council Senior Planner, Sarah Oliver says the approach taken to developing the South-West Area Plan sets a new standard for Council plans.

“The South-West has many inter-related issues, such as water management and traffic congestion, that required a new approach to city planning”, says Sarah Oliver. “With a history of flooding it was essential that new development is planned to work in with nature to minimise problems and create a truly exceptional environment for people to live and work in.”

In the South-West, with its many springs, streams and rivers, creating and maintaining natural waterways was a priority. Rather than building an expensive system of pipes, channels and pumps to control water flows, the South-West Area Plan uses natural waterways, wetlands and flood basins and makes a feature of them, creating public open space, with walking and cycle ways, and habitats for birds, fish and wildlife.  Land for residential, commercial and industrial development is to be developed around the network of ‘green’ and blue’ corridors.   

An integrated approach to transport has also been applied.  “The location of employment, retail and community centres in the South-West ensures people are within easy walking or cycling distance from their homes”, says Sarah Oliver. “Bus stops will be provided within six minutes walking time from every house and place of work, giving people real choice over how they travel.  Local roads will be designed to provide attractive public open space, safe for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages.”

Consultation on the draft Area Plan commences on Monday 1 September and will run for six weeks until Friday 10 October 2008.  A Summary document of the draft South-West Area Plan will be sent to landowners and residents in the South-West area.  The draft Area Plan (full documentation) will be available on the website and at Council Service Centres, libraries and other outlets.  The Summary document contains a feedback form, which is also available on the website for people wanting to provide their feedback electronically. 

Community Open Days will be held at the Halswell Rugby League Clubrooms, HalswellDomain, Halswell Road on:

  • Tuesday 9 September, 3pm to 7pm, and
  • Wednesday 17 September, 4pm to 6pm

At the end of the consultation, based on community feedback the Area Plan will be finalised for Council approval at the end of 2008.

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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