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Council decides on additional consultation around baches

27 September 2007

The Christchurch City Council today deferred its decision on the fate of the Taylors Mistake baches affected by the Environment Court decision of 2002 to expand its consultation on the relevant issues.  The Councillors determined that it was more important to get a consensus from all the stakeholders despite the fact that the issue of whether the baches remain or not has dragged on for many years.

Chief Executive Tony Marryatt praised the Council’s decision saying “It is  difficult to have come so close to what most perceived as a final chapter, only to realise there is more hard work before the decision can be made.  The Council knows that the right way to do things is not often easy or quick.”

In its resolution, the Council accomodates two requests for additional consultation.  The first is from Te Rünanga o Ngäi Tahu for the opportunity to be consulted on the granting of licenses to bach owners.  The second is from the Taylors Mistake Bach Owners Association delivered during its deputation at the meeting for additional consultation on the terms of bach licenses.

Council officers had made considerable effort to consult with what they believed to be all stakeholders but today’s developments only highlight the complexity of the issues surrounding the baches.

The Council has also asked staff to continue discussions with the Save the Bay organisation, to present all available information on the heritage value of the baches and to report on other similar occurrences elsewhere in the Christchurch City Council territory.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Mitchell, General Manager Regulation and Democracy (021 997-647).


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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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