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Nominations called for annual Heritage Awards

5 June 2007

The Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board is calling for nominations for their 11th annual Heritage Awards.

An initiative of Board member Councillor Anna Crighton, the awards recognise community initiatives in helping to preserve the built character and heritage of the Hagley/Ferrymead area.

"The success of the awards reflects the community’s commitment to preserving our heritage and our cultural past," Cr Crighton says.

"It is important that not only owners of big, impressive buildings are targeted, but also the more modest workers cottages in the area, as well as villas, commercial, retail and cultural buildings and historic sites. "

The Board will grant an award in each of the following categories:

Retention – a building previously under threat of demolition but now secured for the future by either private or community initiative.

Conservation and Restoration – items in this category must have undergone a conservation and/or restoration programme within the last year or be part of a staged conservation and/or restoration programme.

Education and Awareness – initiatives undertaken by individuals or community groups to promote heritage education and awareness.

Children – aimed at raising the heritage awareness of the young and to encourage them to be proactive within their local environment.

Good Caretaker – recognises property owners who have maintained properties in original or near original condition for some years.

Pre-1850 Award – recognises Maori and European cultural heritage sites significant to Tangata Whenua prior to organised European settlement.

The Anna Crighton Award – acknowledges the contribution of individuals and/or groups who set high standards towards protecting, conserving and advocating for our city’s cultural heritage.

Entries are open to any heritage or character buildings, places, projects or objects within the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board area and can include residential dwellings, commercial/retail, industrial, institutional and streetscape and community heritage areas.

Nominations close on Friday 20 July. Awards will be presented on Friday 7 September at the Ferrymead Heritage Park in the replica 1920s Friendly Societies Lodge Hall, a recipient of a 2006 award.

For more information phone Sue Mather on 941 6660.

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