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Council adopts Lanes Plan

7 August 2007

A plan to improve pedestrian access and enjoyment in the Central City lanes has been adopted by Council.

The Central City Lanes Plan is a planning tool which sets out the objectives, principles and targets to facilitate the development of Christchurch’s inner city lanes.

Four priority lanes projects have been flagged in the plan – Struthers, Lichfield Lanes, Westpac and Kivers.

More than 300 property owners were consulted in the development of the plan, Central City Projects Policy Planner Miranda Charles says.

“Christchurch is really lucky to have these walkways linking the different parts of the city.  And developers have been quick to see opportunities around redevelopment.  As a result we’re getting some lively, dynamic areas featuring retail, restaurants, bars, and new reasons to come into our Central City,” she says.

The successful implementation of the plan would largely depend on the development of public-private partnerships with property owners in and around lanes.

“Some lanes will not be suitable for redevelopment as they are chiefly corridors, but others can become destinations in their own right, as we are seeing in Lichfield Lanes and in the South of Lichfield precinct.”

Environmental planning and design company Boffa Miskell has been engaged to prepare an inventory describing the characteristics and looking at the development potential of the various Central City lanes; along with a design guide which will suggest ideal built outcomes and landscape treatment options.

From this, Council planning staff will be able to develop a prioritisation tool which will assess the redevelopment potential of each individual lane, and help the Council to make informed decisions on capital spending. 

An investigation into city planning changes needed to encourage the development of new lanes is also part of this work, which is due back to Council staff late this year.


For more information, contact Central City Projects Policy Planner Miranda Charles, 941 8843.


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