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Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore will not seek fourth term

28 September 2006

Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore said today that he will not seek a fourth term as Mayor. He made the announcement at a special Council meeting held at Rapaki Marae.

Mr Moore said he had decided to make it clear now that he was intent on finishing his third term with a firm focus on completing key projects such as inner city revival. Contesting another election would have cost energy and time he preferred went into other activities.

“I also want to give quality candidates lots of time to decide about whether they want to try and take on this utterly fascinating job,’’ said Mr Moore.

In a speech announcing his decision he said he had enjoyed the challenges of a time of major reforms he had started over the last eight years. These had been both political and internal Council reforms.

Councillor numbers had been cut, a new portfolio system had replaced the old committee structure, and Banks Peninsula had joined Christchurch City. Christchurch City Council now also has a new CEO, Dr Lesley McTurk, a new key executive team and a renewed sense of purpose.

He said it had been an exciting time to be at the helm during such significant changes.

“The Council under my lead has addressed big projects such as the new Christchurch Art Gallery which has been constructed, as have three new libraries, new swimming pool projects are planned, central city revival plans have been adopted and the Urban Development Strategy for Christchurch’s future is being undertaken in association with neighbouring Councils Selwyn and Waimakariri.

“The new landfill at Kate Valley has gone through its entire planning and construction process during my time as Mayor, this has changed totally the method of collection and disposal of waste raising our processes to world standards,” said Mr Moore. “This Council has also faced up to the challenge of the Estuary Sewer outfall and has recently accepted a tender to construct a wastewater pipe three kilometres out to sea.

“Our Council has faced up to capital challenges both below the ground and above it,” said Mr Moore

“We have laid the foundations for a great city again. We have passed a wonderful 10-year-plan with our recent LTCCP and my job is to make sure that we implement it properly whilst keeping our rates the lowest in New Zealand,” he said.

Mr Moore plans to concentrate on making sure this sense of impetus and purpose are kept intact during the last third of what would be his final term.

“I still have a year to go and I plan to make the most of it,’’ he said.

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