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Council briefed on Taylors Mistake baches

14 September 2006

Whether or not Taylors Mistake baches should stay or go is an issue that’s been around for years. Christchurch City Council staff briefed the Council on Tuesday about the baches, seeking direction on whether to proceed with the findings of an 2003 Environment Court ruling, which has also been signalled in the City Plan.

This would allow for some baches to remain and others to be relocated to a replacement zone directly behind the beach area.

The Environment Court found that:

  • The natural character of the area was higher with the baches than it would be if they were removed and the land merely retained as pastoral;
  • At Taylors Mistake, 22 of the baches should remain on a scheduled basis in the District Plan – “scheduled” meaning the location and use of the baches would be permitted and defined in a schedule to the City Plan.
  • The most visually prominent baches occupying the most seaward portion of the bay were to be removed.
  • At Boulder Bay, all nine baches on legal road would remain on a scheduled basis.

The Court upheld the proposed provision for bach relocation in the Proposed City Plan, saying the correct balance had been achieved between the significant number of issues that had to be addressed in evaluating the scheduling of the baches and the creation of the replacement zone to shift some baches to.

Another issue yet to be resolved is the possible licencing of baches which have been scheduled to remain. The unformed road on which these baches are located belong to the City Council so, legally the Council would be within its right to remove any structure on this land. However, legal advice given to Council was that licences could be issued to bach owners, provided they did not prevent public access.

Councillors decided at the seminar to make a site visit to Taylors Mistake to familiarise themselves with issues regarding the baches, before they could make any decisions.

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