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Speed limits on some city streets are now changed

30 November 2006

Council has voted to change speed limits in some areas to cope with different road usage.

Drivers will need to be alert for changes to the speed limits on sections of roads in and around the city.

The brakes are going on in some areas while in others increases in speeds will help ensure a more even traffic flow.

Council has resolved to set new speed limits on 13 of the 16 roads proposed in a plan given out for public consultation in October. More than 200 responses were received, including those from LTNZ, Police, Road Transport Forum, AA and the community boards.

However, while most proposals have been accepted, the one to raise the speed limit on Harper Avenue from 50 to 60km/h was rejected.

Councillors were concerned that varying speed limits over a relatively short distance could cause confusion for motorists.

Although staff had initially recommended raising the speed limit on Deans and Harper avenues from 50 to 60km/h, this were not proposed in the report to Council. Low public support for the proposals and concerns from Police and community boards had prompted the decision.

Council has accepted all other proposed speed limit changes.

Christchurch City Traffic Engineer Malcolm Taylor says "The growing number of subdivisions and changes in the use of Christchurch roads meant there is a constant need to review speed limits, especially on roads at the edges of the city.’’

"More use is being made of 60km/h and 80km/h speed limits to reflect this changing environment.’’

Signs indicating the approved speed limits should be in place before Christmas, says Mr Taylor. However the Blenheim Road Deviation will have signage installed when the work is completed and the road is open to traffic.

1. Burwood Road/Prestons Road: Relocate the existing 50/80 speed limit change south of Waitikiri Drive to the culvert west of Waitikiri Drive.

2. Gardiners Road: Relocate the existing 50/80kmh speed limit on Gardiners Road at Johns Road to a point nearer the urban/rural boundary.

3. Jones Road: Relocate the existing 50/100km/h speed threshold on Jones Road to a new position 150 metres west of the existing one.

4. Innes Road: Relocate the exiting 50/80km/h speed limit change on Innes Road east of Briggs Road to a new position east of the new subdivision road.

5. Hayton Road and Wigram Road: Change the speed limit on Hayton Road and on Wigram Road from Hayton Road to Trefffers Road. From 80km to 50km.

6. John Paterson Drive: The speed limit on John Paterson Drive is now 80km/h.

7. New Brighton Mall: Speed limit is now 30km/h.

8. Oxford Terrace: Oxford Terrace from Lichfield Street to Gloucester Street now has a 30 km/h speed limit.

9. Quaifes Road: The speed limit is reduced from 100 to 80km/h on Quaifes Road for 600m west from Sabys Road.

10. Old Taitapu Road and Early Valley Road: Reduce the speed limit from 100 to 80km/h on Old Tai Tapu Road from State Highway 75 to the boundary with the Selwyn District Council and including Early Valley Road.

11. Foremans Road: Reduce the speed limit on the western end of Foremans Road from 80 to 50km/h.

12, Springs Road: Reduce the speed limit from 100 to 80km/h from Marshs Road to the Selwyn District Council boundary.

13. Blenheim Road Deviation: Set a speed limit to of 60km/h on the Blenheim Road Deviation and Moorhouse Avenue to Lincoln Road at the completion of construction work. (Expected March 2007.)

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This page is not a current Christchurch City Council document. Please read our disclaimer.
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